Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I Smell The Spring

Selamat Pagi, Good Morning or in maori Morena! Spring welcome us in September after a long months (3 months) of winter. The first month of Spring the weather not much different from winter, lowest temperature is -2 celcius, highest is 12 celcius.


New Zealand Rugby world cup is going on. We don't bother so much about that. We just love spend our weekend outdoor; camping, hiking and picnic.
Preparing sandwich for the hiking.
Since I live a life in New Zealand, I don't bother about spend my weekend in the city, shopping or do what other girls at my age do.  I utterly have an active and healthy lifestyle. Day by day I get pretty fit.
Hiking up Mount Herbert, say hi to the cows and sheep.

We drove to Peninsular Bank, about an hour from Christchurch and camping at Okain's Bay camping ground.
New Zealand is for outdoor lover, the mountain, the nature and the scenery are a gift to them. I once heard from someone that been to New Zealand and said New Zealand has nothing and it's bore. If you are into shopping, this is not a place for you.
Sharing kitchen facilities at the camping ground.

Most of the camp site in New Zealand are in good condition and clean. To travel cheap, you can choose camping to cut cost your accommodation budget.
Low tide at Okain's bay.
Kitchen, shower, toilet and laundry.
The young mussels.
I would love to take this chance to give some advice, PLEASE DO NOT STEP ON THE MUSSELS OR DESTROY THEM WHEN YOU ARE AT THE BEACH. Those with children, tell them about this.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Rock 'n' Roll Rotorua

Redwood or Whakarewarewa Forest is one of most spectacular natural assets in Rotorua District. This forest famous with the Californian coastal redwoods.

Different path can be choosen for a walk in the wood, each track has different duration.

Me, Apis, Sean (Korean), David (Holland) & Nina (German) spend our time at Redwood after work. All picture was taken in autumn (May).



When I went through my pics in netbook, I found out pics of me making Kimbap. Sean the Korean guy taught us (me & apis) how tomake Kimbap (Korean sushi).

1. Cook 2 cups of rice. After the rice cook, mix with sesame oil.
2. Get a 2 cans of tuna with mayonese. Up to you what kind of tuna you want. Sean get me tuna with mayo.
3. 1 Cucumber, cut into long strips.
4. 1 Carrot, jullienned.
5. 3 eggs, whisk eggs until evenly yellow and fry until flat omelet. Cut eggs into strips.

Using a bamboo sushi roller or a piece of tin foil, lay the dried seaweed shiny side down.
Ready to eat for tea time!


My boss where I was working in Planet Backpackers in Rotorua, New Zealand took me, Apis, Nina & Jo for fishing at Pukehena Beach about 30 minutes from Rotorua. This is my first time fishing using a torpedo. I never saw one in Malaysia. It's using a battery and it could go as far as 500 meter from the beach.

It was very sunny and we enjoy the sun in autumn. Well, this pictures was taken during autumn somewhere in May.

We went home for some fishes and smoke the fish for dinner. Nyumm!!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

People Come and Go

In my 2 years traveling and wandering, I met a good friend call Lea from France. I wrote about her in my previous entry. We work together, we share the same flat, we spend weekends together and lots of memories together.

Me and Apis plan to have farewell dinner party for Lea. Our main menu for that day was Nasi Lemak with sambal telur and chocolate cake with custard on top. Nyumm!!!!!!
The day that Lea has to leave us, she got the 3am bus to Auckland. Me and Apis watching her packing the bag. She was crying all nite. Us crying? Yes we did cry too, Tears like waterfall.

Back to my flat after finish my night shift. Saw Lea was busy packing the bag. I watched for awhile. Then pretend I was sleepy, and went to bed. Actually I was crying under the blanket, hehehe.

Apis and I set our watch 2.30am to sent Lea to bus stop, which is just located next to our flat. Freezing morning. I discovered true friendship with her that I never ever experienced when I was in Malaysia. The sweetest thing Lea said to me "I want you visit me in France. I will pay for your flight ticket."

Apis and I was so dramatic, bollywood sad scene... but we were too sleepy to make some bollydance at the end of the sad scene. When Lea get on the bus, we cried so loud, like a child lost a mama.

Sooner or later, we all part ways.... people come and go. When you meet someone, and you get along well with her/him, you always wanted them to stay. But each of us (especially us the traveler) has our own plan and destination.

Lea has to go, to continue her traveling to South East Asia. Before she was leaving, we spend our last day with Lea, together with Yan and Sam.
Our last day with Lea, just walking and spending the nice evening in Rotorua.
A farewell is a special goodbye. Miss you Lea!

Assalamualaikum semua. Kali ni aku tulis dalam BM lak. Dah byk sgt lak entry dlm english kan. Semua gambar2 ni diambil ketika aku masih keje kat Rotorua masa autumn. Skang aku dah duk kat Christchurch (ketika entry ini ditulis).

Mula2 aku datang Rotorua, aku sorang jelah melayu kat pekan kecik tu. Lepas tu mai lak Apis keje dgn aku. Tak lama kemudian, aku kenal Afiq melalui Apis. Dia pon datang la nk jenjalan. Dia keje kat Te Puke. Pemegang ijazah perakaunan dari UiTM, sama 'U' kami. 

Walaupun kami buat odd job kat sini, tapi masing2 ada higher education. Apis bekas jurutera komputer, aku lak pernah bekerja di belakang tadbir untuk penerbitan TV, buat script writing, jadi floor manager dan apa2 yang berkaitan dengan penerbitan program TV.

Kalau dengar je ada org malaysia, cina, india, melayu aku tak kesah, yang nak datang Rotorua, aku memang excited. Aku bawak Afiq and Apis pusing2 Rotorua. Ada gak aku jumpa sorang student Malaysia dari Wellington,,,, eeeeee kekwat tul. Macam bagus. Menyampah aku.

Tak payah nak kekwat2 yer, engkau tu student, datang dengan scholarship, fellow tunggu kat airport. Aku datang dengan duit sendiri, sampai kene pecah tabung aku kat kampung tu ha semata mata nak datang merantau. Takde sape tunggu kat airport, pandai2 sendiri la cari keje cari tempat nk berlindung.
Pose spesel afiq untuk peminatnyer, ada ke?

Oklah, xpayah nak bebel panjang2 bukan ada org nak baca pon. Tapi aku tak kesah lah, aku punyer blog, aku punyer suka. Kiss untuk semua!!!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Skydiving And Tongariro Crossing

Lea and I, getting ready for the jump.

One of Lea things to do before she left New Zealand is Skydiving. It sounds scary to me, but as usual, I dont care! The cost for the jump plus photos is expensive but i'm so lucky that I work at a backpackers hostel and we do booking for tourist activities. So, we got buy one free one. Lea paid for her jump and I got free jump but the photos are not free.

Before getting off the plane, with my instructor, Paul.
DO NOT EATING SO MUCH AN HOUR BEFORE THE JUMP. I did this mistake, I had big breakfeast that morning and after the jump I feel like to puke.

Jumpt at the 12,000 ft.

45 seconds freefall.

Safely landing, yahooo!!!

Our supporter, Apis. Waiting for our driver to send us home.

Tongariro Crossing Map
The 19.4KM trekking took about 5-7 hours. Depends on the individual level of fitness.
With my best friend, Lea.
Mount Ngauruhoe (the youngest Volcanoe, started to form 2,500 years ago, last erupted in 1975) or also called Mount Doom in Lord of The Ring.

Red Crater and Emerald Lake. The weather was unpredictable.

Don't forget to book transport to get to the starting point, or else you will ends up like us.

My friends and I try to save as much money as we could. It was our plan not to book a transport to get back to the starting point because the cost is about $25 per person, the distance is about 20km from the end to the starting point (by road). 

So Lea and I plan to hitch hike. The road getting so quiet by 5pm. Not only us was waiting at the roadside, a few hikers was waiting and waiting for any car to stop. 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Life as a Backpacker


This is our own version of Master Chef. Santiago, Yann, Lea and Me. We cook whatever dish that we can cook. I cook an instant noodle! Cheap, easy and yummy.

Everyone in action.


Forget to warn Lea about the bird chillie in the noodle.


That day we had a guest from Scotland, Julie. Santiago decide to have a haircut and I offer to help him since that I have a layer cut scissor. Santiago a bit nervous to let me do the haircut. So he ask the people in the hostel if anyone there is a hairdresser. So Julie came forward and offer the free haircut. Cool Julie!


A few weeks before Lea left New Zealand somewhere in May, we went for a mountain biking together at Lake Tikitapu, Rotorua. Mountain biking is very popular in Rotorua. I'm more into flat road biking.


Apis a Penang guy came to join me and Lea in mid of May. He was working for a few days in Napier and try his luck to get a job in Rotorua.


The best thing I love about working and living in a backpackers hostel is you met a lot of different kind of travellers and made friends with them. People come and go. Some just left their footprint, some left behind a sweet memory with me, some was ask to leave the place (yes, it happens when my boss ask Karen to leave as soon as possible).
With Yann and Sam, hang out and mingle around the town, we love it!
I love living in backpackers hostel, so much fun!

Drinking, smoke weeds, marijuana, cannabis and playing cards are one of the things they did when together in backpackers hostel. Well,,,,, I understand for some people especially from my country, Malaysia, it sounds really wild and sounds like is this a problem kids? Nahhhhhh, they are just a bunch of fun kids and hippie people who travel and just dont care but just have fun!

With my new mate from Brazil, Leandro.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Kia Ora, Welcome to New Zealand


I arrived at Auckland airport alone in Autumn 2011.
Rotorua Museum.

From the Airport I took a nakedbus to get to Rotorua where I already has a job arrangement with the backpackers. The bus stop at Manukau to transit. The journey took about 4 hours.

As I get to Rotorua, I can smell the best smell I ever had went through my 2 little holes. The sulphur smell is not that bad, I mean you dont feel like to puke because you know is not coming from something that is dirty. Rotorua is very famous for it's geothermal activity.

Beside the sulphur smell, Rotorua also is the centre for Maori culture. Majority maori in New Zealand live in Rotorua. The name Rotorua also came from maori. Roto means lake, rua means two, Rotorua thus meaning Second lake.

Accommodation provide by my new boss, a flat with 3 beds, and shower. Just Karen (english girl) and I before Lea came.

Me and Jason.

One of the beautiful and sweet moment in New Zealand was being with a good company. I met 3 good friends, Yann, Santiago & Lea; we work together, hang out together and still keep in touch whenever we go. 

Yann stay in the backpackers where I work. He come and go for 3 times, try to find luck finding a job in another place. Later on he went for longer time and we met again in winter (June), in Wanaka.

Santiago a small and skinny man from Argentina. Met him on my 3rd day in New Zealand. I was joining the Argentinian guy playing cards.  He taught me how to make friendship bracelet.   We always mingle around the town looking for more extra job. Santiago only has a visitor visa and quite hard for him to get a job. Cooking together, breakfast, lunch, dinner, picnic, shopping and watching movie... lots of things we do together.

Santi, the nickname, back home in the end of Autumn (May end). He stop by to meet me in Rotorua before heading to Auckland. X0X0 to Santi.

Lea, is the very best friend I ever had. I never met someone that is taking care so much of other people feeling. Well, I mean she is a westerner, in my experience abroad not many young western girl respecting other people believed and culture.  Lea left New Zealand in mid of May after 1 year living here. She then spend 2 months in Mentawai Island, Indonesia and learn to cook 'nasi goreng' and 'sambal'. Best friend forever Lea.


One of our favourite things to do is picnic. Whenever the sky is bright, the sun shine so good, we hurry up packing our picnic lunch box and heading to the Rotorua government garden for a picnic.
We had so much fun, playing, chatting, making jokes, taking pictures... feel like there is nothing to worry and the mind was so free.


Where I work always give a free beer voucher in Pig & Whistle, to those who check-in. I always took some to give to some of my friends. Since that Pig & Whistle is the only pub that we can get a free drink, it become our favourite spot to hang out.