Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Kia Ora, Welcome to New Zealand


I arrived at Auckland airport alone in Autumn 2011.
Rotorua Museum.

From the Airport I took a nakedbus to get to Rotorua where I already has a job arrangement with the backpackers. The bus stop at Manukau to transit. The journey took about 4 hours.

As I get to Rotorua, I can smell the best smell I ever had went through my 2 little holes. The sulphur smell is not that bad, I mean you dont feel like to puke because you know is not coming from something that is dirty. Rotorua is very famous for it's geothermal activity.

Beside the sulphur smell, Rotorua also is the centre for Maori culture. Majority maori in New Zealand live in Rotorua. The name Rotorua also came from maori. Roto means lake, rua means two, Rotorua thus meaning Second lake.

Accommodation provide by my new boss, a flat with 3 beds, and shower. Just Karen (english girl) and I before Lea came.

Me and Jason.

One of the beautiful and sweet moment in New Zealand was being with a good company. I met 3 good friends, Yann, Santiago & Lea; we work together, hang out together and still keep in touch whenever we go. 

Yann stay in the backpackers where I work. He come and go for 3 times, try to find luck finding a job in another place. Later on he went for longer time and we met again in winter (June), in Wanaka.

Santiago a small and skinny man from Argentina. Met him on my 3rd day in New Zealand. I was joining the Argentinian guy playing cards.  He taught me how to make friendship bracelet.   We always mingle around the town looking for more extra job. Santiago only has a visitor visa and quite hard for him to get a job. Cooking together, breakfast, lunch, dinner, picnic, shopping and watching movie... lots of things we do together.

Santi, the nickname, back home in the end of Autumn (May end). He stop by to meet me in Rotorua before heading to Auckland. X0X0 to Santi.

Lea, is the very best friend I ever had. I never met someone that is taking care so much of other people feeling. Well, I mean she is a westerner, in my experience abroad not many young western girl respecting other people believed and culture.  Lea left New Zealand in mid of May after 1 year living here. She then spend 2 months in Mentawai Island, Indonesia and learn to cook 'nasi goreng' and 'sambal'. Best friend forever Lea.


One of our favourite things to do is picnic. Whenever the sky is bright, the sun shine so good, we hurry up packing our picnic lunch box and heading to the Rotorua government garden for a picnic.
We had so much fun, playing, chatting, making jokes, taking pictures... feel like there is nothing to worry and the mind was so free.


Where I work always give a free beer voucher in Pig & Whistle, to those who check-in. I always took some to give to some of my friends. Since that Pig & Whistle is the only pub that we can get a free drink, it become our favourite spot to hang out.

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