Monday, October 17, 2011

Skydiving And Tongariro Crossing

Lea and I, getting ready for the jump.

One of Lea things to do before she left New Zealand is Skydiving. It sounds scary to me, but as usual, I dont care! The cost for the jump plus photos is expensive but i'm so lucky that I work at a backpackers hostel and we do booking for tourist activities. So, we got buy one free one. Lea paid for her jump and I got free jump but the photos are not free.

Before getting off the plane, with my instructor, Paul.
DO NOT EATING SO MUCH AN HOUR BEFORE THE JUMP. I did this mistake, I had big breakfeast that morning and after the jump I feel like to puke.

Jumpt at the 12,000 ft.

45 seconds freefall.

Safely landing, yahooo!!!

Our supporter, Apis. Waiting for our driver to send us home.

Tongariro Crossing Map
The 19.4KM trekking took about 5-7 hours. Depends on the individual level of fitness.
With my best friend, Lea.
Mount Ngauruhoe (the youngest Volcanoe, started to form 2,500 years ago, last erupted in 1975) or also called Mount Doom in Lord of The Ring.

Red Crater and Emerald Lake. The weather was unpredictable.

Don't forget to book transport to get to the starting point, or else you will ends up like us.

My friends and I try to save as much money as we could. It was our plan not to book a transport to get back to the starting point because the cost is about $25 per person, the distance is about 20km from the end to the starting point (by road). 

So Lea and I plan to hitch hike. The road getting so quiet by 5pm. Not only us was waiting at the roadside, a few hikers was waiting and waiting for any car to stop. 

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