Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Country Life Motel

Assalamualaikum & hello,

We found out that Paul, our friend in vineyard cum the staff driver live in a motel, fully furnish and he pay weekly rental for NZD110. Even though we left 2 weeks to finish job in vineyard, Zul, Abby and I decided to move to that motel. 

It is like an apartment unit, 2 rooms, with shower room, kitchen, fridge, dining table and a couch. Quite reasonable NZD110 per person, per week compare to what we had paid before, just a room for NZD110.
Our flat/motel unit.

The name itself already give a basic introduction about this motel. The owner got chickens, sheep, horses and cows. The chicken are freely roaming around the motel compound. Don't dare to steal the chicken, because he counts it every morning. Free range eggs are available too.
Sitting on the fence, the sheep field behind our flat.
Our farewell party, friends from vineyard came to say last good bye.
That night after the farewell party in our flat, we went out have fun at night club in the town. I really love the night club with the simulated bowling game.

Missing all my friends in Blenheim :(

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Jobs Hunting Leads to Somewhere


After feeling nervous staying in Christchurch due to hundreds of aftershock, I travel down to Wanaka, a small ski town down in the state of Otago.Other reason I came to Wanaka also because my friend Yann told me he got a work, commercial cleaning. But the job will start when the ski season hit the town.

Hundreds of WHV (Working Holiday Visa) maker waiting  for the ski season to get a job around here. Majority are white/european WHV maker. Very few Asian, just an asian who was on holiday here. Wanaka, do I have a luck here among the blondie and the whity? I filled up the form for the cleaning position where Yann got the job from.I thought that I could get a job since I got experience in house keeping and cleaning job.
Wanaka famous trademark.

I decided to 'hitch hike' to Queenstown. An engish man, work as a joiner pick me up. He was on the way to do some shopping in Queenstown. He almost crash because he was busy talking and looking at me. That was the sign baby!

I'm glad with the information given by Yann to hitch hike near the junction so and so. The short cut to Queenstown through Crown Range.
Crowne Range Scenic Road (Wanaka-Queenstown)
First night in Queenstown I stayed in a quite busy hostel. Don't like it. The next day I walk about 20 minutes looking for a cheap and quite hostel. Found it, near the esplanade, Lakeside Hostel.
Laura, Kier(my bf now), Me
In that hostel I met and make friends with Steve, Laura, Taro, and Kier. The town was busy preparing a winter festival. We went out to have a good time. Party the whole night, and continue the next day! Job hunting ends up into party and party. A little warm up before job hunting. That's all about Queenstown, a party town.
Laura(Argentina), Sebastian(Argentina), Me, Steven(Aussie)

Performance from the local artist.


No job here and there. Just one place I'm sure I will get a job anytime, Blenheim. I went there and get a job in vineyard from Abby. So we work together under the same contractor. Freezing to death working outdoor in winter from 7am-5.30am. Two layer of lagging, jeans; three layer of socks; two layer of long sleeve shirts and two layer of gloves.
The best thing about working outdoor is you get close encounter with animals like horses and sheeps.
Friends in Vineyard, from left: Zul, Abby, Me, Kier.
What ever job it is, if you have a good people around you working together, the tiredness turn into happiness.

Doing odd job like this has given me a lesson for life and a good value of experience. An open heart to understand other people situation.
This is my  room, spending the night after long hour works outdoor and keep myself warm.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

New Beginning in South Island, New Zealand

Assalamualaikum & hello.


It's time for me to set my foot to South Island, job hunting and another life experience. You need to get ferry to cross to South Island if you travel by land. Flying is cheaper actually, sine I got a bus pass, I had to use it before it gets expired.
Ferry terminal in Wellington

Takira, my landlord little girl, the top picture was my first place to rent, below, the 2nd home.

The first house I rent in Christchurch was at Gabraith Ave, Avonside, one of the Earthquake Red colour area. Lot's of damage in the city. 

After the February 22, 6.3 magnitude earthquake, the engineers inspected buldings and houses or properties in Christchurch and has a red, yellow or green placard.

A red placard means the building is considered unsafe and further structural assessment is needed. These buildings have generally been isolated with barriers. 

A yellow placard means the building has limited access, as noted on the placard, and further structural assessment is needed by the owners consultants.

A green placard means the building is considered safe for its intended use.

Then I left Christchurch and heading to Queenstown for job hunting. After a week in Queenstown I'm back to Christchurch and move to new house with my landlord at Callishaw Street, Avonside, in the Earthquake Yellow colour area.  


Red zone, Christchurch city centeral.
4 September 2010 Christchurch dilanda gempa bumi berukuran 7.1 magnitude. Selalunya selepas gegaran pertama, gegaran susulan akan menyusul. bukan satu dua, tetapi beribu. tidaklah kuat seperti gegaran pertama. Tiada angka korban dicatatkan. Masa ni aku kat Malaysia lagi, takat dengar dalam news je lah.

22 Februari 2011, aftershock 6.3 magnitude menggegarkan Christchurch. 181 orang terkorban dan beratus yg lain cedera parah. Separuh dari jumlah kematian ialah daripada jumlah yang terkorban di dalam runtuhan bangunan 6 tingkat Canterbury Television (CTV).

13 June 2011, sehari selepas aku tiba di Christchurch, sekali lagi aftershock yang kuat melanda bandar ini. aftershock yang pertama pada jam 11pagi 5.5 magnitude, ketika itu aku masih di rumah. Rumah yang aku duduki bergegar dengan kuat membuatkan aku terkucil lari.

Kemudian jam 1pm sekali lagi gegaran kuat berukuran 6.3 magnitude melanda. Ketika ini aku berada di Barbadoes Street. Bunyi kuat serta aku tidak dapat berdiri dengan betul akibat gegaran. Gegaran kuat menyebabkan luqeafaction, iaitu air seperti 'mud' keluar dari bumi menyebabkan jalan banyak tutup serta banyak rumah yang rosak. Tiada angka korban dicatatkan dan sesetengah bangunan yang rosak pada Februari 22, runtuh akibat gegaran.

Helikopter berlegar-legar di ruang udara dan polis serta ambulance ke sana sini. Keadaan memang kecoh buat sementara. Beribu gegaran kecil direkodkan selepas itu. 

Itulah pengalaman pertama aku merasai gempa bumi. Memang takut dan dasyat. Seminggu selepas gempa bumi, aku pon bercadang untuk merantau ke tempat lain mencari kerja, iaitu ke Queenstown.

Good morning Christchurch. At 8.34pm last night Christchurch was hit by 5.5 magnitude, 2 kilo tonnes earthquake energy, depth 8 km and it is the 8th largest earthquake in the record. No damage was reported. The picture above are from the earthquake damage on the 22 February 2011.

The earthquake damage house was covered by thick snow in August 2011, winter in Christchurch.
I had experienced the big one in June with the magnitude 6.3. No power for that night and no water supply for a week. After 22 February 2011, Christchurch experienced more than 8000 aftershocks. Last nite aftershock is no more a news for the people of Christchurch. They get used with it.