Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Jobs Hunting Leads to Somewhere


After feeling nervous staying in Christchurch due to hundreds of aftershock, I travel down to Wanaka, a small ski town down in the state of Otago.Other reason I came to Wanaka also because my friend Yann told me he got a work, commercial cleaning. But the job will start when the ski season hit the town.

Hundreds of WHV (Working Holiday Visa) maker waiting  for the ski season to get a job around here. Majority are white/european WHV maker. Very few Asian, just an asian who was on holiday here. Wanaka, do I have a luck here among the blondie and the whity? I filled up the form for the cleaning position where Yann got the job from.I thought that I could get a job since I got experience in house keeping and cleaning job.
Wanaka famous trademark.

I decided to 'hitch hike' to Queenstown. An engish man, work as a joiner pick me up. He was on the way to do some shopping in Queenstown. He almost crash because he was busy talking and looking at me. That was the sign baby!

I'm glad with the information given by Yann to hitch hike near the junction so and so. The short cut to Queenstown through Crown Range.
Crowne Range Scenic Road (Wanaka-Queenstown)
First night in Queenstown I stayed in a quite busy hostel. Don't like it. The next day I walk about 20 minutes looking for a cheap and quite hostel. Found it, near the esplanade, Lakeside Hostel.
Laura, Kier(my bf now), Me
In that hostel I met and make friends with Steve, Laura, Taro, and Kier. The town was busy preparing a winter festival. We went out to have a good time. Party the whole night, and continue the next day! Job hunting ends up into party and party. A little warm up before job hunting. That's all about Queenstown, a party town.
Laura(Argentina), Sebastian(Argentina), Me, Steven(Aussie)

Performance from the local artist.


No job here and there. Just one place I'm sure I will get a job anytime, Blenheim. I went there and get a job in vineyard from Abby. So we work together under the same contractor. Freezing to death working outdoor in winter from 7am-5.30am. Two layer of lagging, jeans; three layer of socks; two layer of long sleeve shirts and two layer of gloves.
The best thing about working outdoor is you get close encounter with animals like horses and sheeps.
Friends in Vineyard, from left: Zul, Abby, Me, Kier.
What ever job it is, if you have a good people around you working together, the tiredness turn into happiness.

Doing odd job like this has given me a lesson for life and a good value of experience. An open heart to understand other people situation.
This is my  room, spending the night after long hour works outdoor and keep myself warm.

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