Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My First Hari Raya Abroad


Saying goodbye to Blenheim, the town that witnessed my hard work in 3 months. I decided to travel down to Christchurch and looking for other job. We choose a different route back to Christchurch, through West Coast.

Mark with pink is my route from Blenheim to St Arnaud.
St Arnaud is a small alpine village with a small population about 750. The village has several store such as postal service, cafe-restaurant, petrol station, camping facilities, motel, chalets and hostel.
The best time to do tramping, hiking and stuff is during summer. It was very quiet when we get there eventhough it was already at the end of winter season. Weather was still cold and we are the only campers there. For your information, shower is not available during winter but toilet is available. The water frost during winter.
The camping fees during winter season is cheaper, about $NZD8 per person. We park our van at the designated camper van parking. I couldn't believe my eyes as we get to the Lake Rotoiti. The view is awesome.
Lake Rotoiti with the gorgeous mountain.
The night time was very quiet and cold. We had nothing much to do, we just spend time talking about how beautiful is the place and would love to come back in summer. For the nature lover, you will love this place.
Kitchen facilities, facing Lake Rotoiti.
Selamat Hari Raya, Kier wish to me the next day. I just smiled and start to miss home and was wondering what are the food my mum cook for Hari Raya. Kier cook Aidilfitri dishes for me, beef maggie and omelette. Kier had experienced the Ramadhan month and Hari Raya with me.
Me with my traditional dress.
We sped off our old buddy (campervan) heading to Westport. My first time not at home during Hari Raya, travelling on the road without no plan, as long as we can safely arrived in Christchurch and start looking for a job.

We continoue our journey from St Arnaud to Westport.
The sky was a bit cloudy in the morning. We left Kerr Bay camping ground around 12 noon. It was the second Hari Raya and nothing special I had done. But for sure I will always remember my Hari Raya moment in New Zealand although nothing special.

The journey was not bore, it was amazing, scenery keep changing and the camera is always at my hand. Weather was not good, it was raining and so cold even Spring has approached. From highway 63, we drove to highway 6 heading to west coast. We passed a small town called Murchison.
Light house at Cape Foulwind
We just had a short visit to Cape Foulwind. My plan was to visit the Seal Colony. The female New Zealand fur seal always giving birth at this area. Due to the bad weather we cancel to walk further from the light house to the Seal Colony.


I will always remember the second day of Hari Raya, we was so excited to see the scenery and we decided to stop at a look out point. After few of snap shots we get back to our camper van and our buddy surprised us, our buddy was broke down at a quiet area.

A mechanic from Greymouth that cost the fortune
Kier spend about 2 hours checking on our buddy but my plan was just to get a ride from anyone who passed the road before it's getting dark. After a few try, Kier gave up and we hitch hike. We got picked up by a Maori couple and stop at the nearest accommodation in Punakaiki, which is only 10minutes drive.

We walk to our buddy the next morning after fail being picked up. From where our buddy was broken, we manage to get pick by a lady who work in Westport and on her way to Greymouth. We managed to get a mechanic from Greymouth and our buddy been fixed. What's the problem I have no idea, girls know nothing about engine!


Pancake Rock, Punakaiki.
Let's continue the Raya journey. We stop at Pancake Rock, not far from where our buddy was broken. We don't turn off the van because that is what the mechanic told us. We need to bring the van to Greymouth to get it well fix.

So we take turn looking at Pancake Rock with a blow hole. Kier got a spare key and he joined me later and lock the buddy while another key still turning on the engine.


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The panoramic view overlooking the lake is awesome! Nice shots.

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OHMY! Lawa gile!

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waouu.. best nyee jalan2... :)
ada winter?? waa....

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cantik berbaju kebaya di negara orang.. hehe

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Cool giler, berkebaya gituu... salute! heheh