Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Buddy Has To Be Fixed


Our buddy, the Mazda Bongo campervan has to be fixed in Greymouth. We got no choice coz the fixing work will take at least 2 days. So we had a night at Duke backpackers own by a man from Israel.
From Punakaiki (not in the map, in between Westport and Greymouth) to Greymouth.

Sunset at Greymouth.

Greymouth city centre, view from our hostel balcony.


The next day, our buddy still not ready to be ride. We had a nice walk for a few hours while waiting. Once buddy is ready, we heading to Christchurch through Arthur Pass.
On the way, we stop to see Londonderry rock at Kumara.
Not far from Greymouth, spend your time to have a look at Londonderry rock. Allow 20 minutes driving from Greymouth. Turn off State Highway 73, 1km east of Kumara onto a metalled road running alongside a water race.

The rock probably travelled on top of the Glacier thousand years ago. Measuring 14 metres long, 11.6 metres wide and 8 metres high. Londonderry Rock is estimated to weight between 3000 and 4000 tonnes. According to the local folklore, the ruck fell with a thud that shook Kumara and stopped the post office clock.
Arthur Pass, State Highway 73.

Amazing view of the road between the mountain.
We encountered with Kea, the largest species in parrot family and can be found in the forested and alpine region in the South Island, New Zealand.

Kea get into our buddy, checking my rucksack.
Kea also known as "the clown of the mountains" because of their cheeky, curious and destructive behaviour. They will investigate backpacks, boots or even cars, often causing damage or flying off with smaller items.

After 6 hours driving, plus the oppurtinity stop and taking photos we get to Christchurch safely. The end of my winter trip and back for job hunting.


Fabulous Me said...

Babe! Xnak blk mesia ke ;p

DrSam said...

Hi Pink Diary. Great trip and wonderful place to be. New Zealand has always become on of my wish-list destination. It's sheer natural wonders and amazing landscape will always charm travelers.