Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Day 1&2, Christmast & New Year Holliday 2011

Travel from Christchurch to Oamaru
A few weeks before the beginning of Christmast holliday, almost everyone was talking about it. What's the plan, where will you heading to? Especially when you live in a house where majority of the people are travellers and a bit of hippies nomad lifestyle.
The normal view during the summer holiday, quite a lot of caravan on the road.
22 December 2011, we travel with our buddy with no plan ahead just hitting the road. We have not much money but we still want to be on the road, so we just travel cheap (we always live cheap here). Some more, the place where I work close for 2 weeks for Christmast and New Year holliday.
Day 1 & 2 : Oamaru
Oamaru is famous with the most unique collection of historic building. Here you can experience through your journey in the town what life was like in Victorian New Zealand.
A cafe with Victorian New Zealand concept.

An old train station, now is a candy shop.
The National Bank building influenced by the Scottish architecture.
One of the oldest textile shop in Oamaru.
A very old lady look after this shop. Customer who want to pay with card, have to do it on their own because she don't know how to use the card device.
A stage for a weekend play.
Oamaru Blue Penguin Colony.
The area was a quarry and in 1970s the area was abandoned. The penguin start to come ashore and nesting in the old quarry. 
The blue penguin resting under the little bridge.
Take this opportunity to take a casual stroll at the penguin breeding area. In the 'blue wings' you can see the penguin in their nesting box with their partner. Some of the penguin has been together with the same partner almost 5 years. However, the penguin come and go naturally, there are no guarantee you can see the penguins. No camera allowed in the 'blue wings'. We saw about 8 penguins in the breeding area but none at the beach.

Penguin Walk, Self Guided : Adult $12, Children 5-7 years $5, Children under 5 FREE, Family pass $30.

We are not lucky, no penguin was spotted at the beach. The local said the penguin start tu come around 8pm.

Oamaru Opera house.
Steampunk workshop


Fabulous Me said...

hagak2 bile aku bole usik penguin?

Pink Diary said...

hahaha, dpt tgk je la jwbnyer. tp mmg comel. diorang ckp kengkadang malam2 manusia dah tido diorang masuk town.


bertuahyer kamu dpt melancong =] nak travel satu dunia !!