Monday, February 20, 2012

Day 8 & 9 Te Anau - Milford Sound (Christmast & new year holiday)

Hi there, how are you doing? What are you up to? My current location still in Christchurch, New Zealand... yip been almost 11 months here, means that almost a year here.
Te Anau - Milford Sound (1 hour - plus a few stop)
Milford Sound is New Zealand most popular tourist destinantion and also in 2008 has been judged the world's top destination.
Mirror Lake
If you overnite at the parking area, the fees is around $10 per nite (i dont remember). The next morning the person in charge will go to each car to collect the fees. If you want to avoid paying the fees, as early as 6.30am you can start your engine car and go somewhere else.
Near the Homer Tunnel. It's a one way tunnel.
Travelling at State Highway 94, from Te Anau to Milford Sound, you will driving into the Homer Tunnel. The tunnel has traffic light and please take note that the traffic light only operate from 6am-9pm.
Water flow from the mountain after rain. Leftover of the falling ice.
Accommodation are pretty limited here. There are always heavy booking situation especially in the summer. So, it is best to book accommodation before you coming here. Only one bar and restaurant located 100 meter from the jetty, those who overnite at the parking area will spend most of their time in the bar.
Milford Sound get a rain for 182 days a year (6, 813mm).
Bring your insects repellent, you will need that to avoid from sandfly bite. The sandfly are annoying little creature that sucks your blood and leave large, red itchy bumps that may turn into a rash. These bumps are frequently several times as itchy as mosquito bites, and tend to last longer as well.
Milford Sound is the wettest inhabited place in New Zealand and also one of the wettest place in the world.

Milford Sound cruise.
Milford Sound Cruise can be book online at Southern Discoveries.
1 hr 30 min cruise

New Zealand seal.

Close encounter to waterfall. You will be advised to bring your raincoat or you can buy at the counter before getting on the cruise.

We had a close encounter with Kea, the mountain parrot, a social bird; driving from Milford Sound back to Te Anau.

Scenery near the Homer Tunnel. We stop for a picture on the way back to Te Anau.

It's summer, not cold, im roasted standing on the ice with a strong sun.

This ice tunnel is cold, you can feel the cold air from the tunnel.


CouLeur de Chiqu3 said...

kwan aku bru je blik dr jenjalan kt te anau last week, mghabiskan stgh bulan jln2 kt area2 sana...


Marco|The Soul Explorer said...

The place is beautiful!

MULAN said...

woohhhoooo... cantiknya semua..!! rasa melompat2 nak pergi..

my hb suggest kalo pi (entah bila la tu) amik campervan tapi i takot movement limited..

Pink Diary said...

erm, puan mulan kalau mau p amek campervan cadangan bagus gak, tp yelah, kene hati2, jalan berbukit tinggi2. takpun kalau ada tent, camping kat camping ground pon boleh jimat. tp kalau winter suggest travel dgn campervan.

wawa abdullah said...

wow!!!! the pictures so...sooo...adorable! :)