Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Te Anau - Glenorchy - Arrowtown - Wanaka - Christchurch

From Te Anau - Glenorchy via Queenstown.
Duration from Te Anau to Glenorchy 3.30hr, included 20 minutes stop.
Gueenstown - Glenorchy 40 minutes.
Horse riding at Glenorchy town.
 Accommodation : Glenorchy Camping Ground (campervan, caravan, tent, cabin). Located just next to the Glenorchy information Centr
Others accommodation available around : Glenorchy Backpackers Retreat, Glenorchy Hotel.
Glenorchy - Arrowtown - Wanaka
Glenorchy - Arrowtown, 1.20hr.
Arrowtown - Wanaka, 45 minutes, through Crown Range scenic drive.
One of the activitie in Arrowtown, gold panning.
We drove from Glenorchy to Arrowtown via Queenstown and stop for an hour for a rest near the Arrow river. We felt very narked due to hot and dry weather. Arrowtown is a historic gold mining town. The local believe the Arrow river still has gold.

Crown Range, scenic drive from Queenstown - Wanaka
Crown Range is one of the highest sealed road in New Zealand. The bottom start with a zig zag road climbing up to Crown Terrace, the large flat area. The highest point of Crown Range is at 1076m.
Crown Range also the access road to Cardrona Skifield.

From the Crown Range Terrace, the road goes down the hill.
Driving from Arrowtown to Wanaka via Crown Range, 45 minutes.
Accommodation in Wanaka, Lake Outlet Holiday Park, $14 per person for camping site, 15 minutes drive from Wanaka town.
Puzzling World, Wanaka.
I was so excited as our car passed by the Puzzling World, with a Leaning Tower of Wanaka and eccentric tumbling towers at the front facing the main road.Entrance fee, $12 (Illussion room + the great maze).
Leaning Tower of Wanaka.
Hall of Following Faces
 All the faces in the room seems to turn and follow u around the room.

Tilted House, Puzzling World.

Ames Room, Puzzling World.
The technique of Ames Room illusion was used in the Lord of The Ring film to creat tall and little people. Viewed from the outside through window, this room look normal.

Roman Style toilets.
This is not the real toilet, you don't have to poop and pee like the Roman. It would be quite intresting if we have this kind of toilet. I usually take longer time to poop, instead of reading magazine I can chat and make new friends.
The Great Maze (Labyrinth), Puzzling World.
I lost patience in The Great Maze after an hour finding way out and almost went out through the emergency door. It was summer, the sun was so hot and dry, I was thirsty and hungry. We finally finish the maze after 1.30 hr roasted in the maze.
Chilled at the camping ground, I build Petronas tower/ Twin towers with the 3D puzzle.
Wanaka was the last destinition for our Christmast trip. Back to Christchurch from Wanaka - Omarama - Twitzel - Fairlie - Geraldine - Ashburton - Christchurch. It tooks about 4.30 hours with 2 stop about 15 minutes only.


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