Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pulang ke Malaysia, Back to Malaysia

Back home for few months. Been about 2 months i dont update things. Actually i dah balik since Mid March. Then i was busy doing some charity work, meeting friends and spending most of my time playing music.
Renungan terakhir ku di Akaroa. My favourite place to spend the weekend.

Kashinanda, he is a dutch man, been living in NZ for more than 10 years. He gave up everything just to live humble & simple as possible. He used to have a software company, a luxury house, luxury car... and now he live among the  hippies like us. We spend most of our time playing music, talking good things, cooking, love the animals and enjoy the nature.
Unwanted clothes, shoes, begs... u can take anything u want, it's free. I got the red adidas running shoes to bring home. It's quite common in NZ, sometimes they just put in a box at the street and put a label 'please help yourself'. The stuff still in a good condition, usually they will wash first before they gave to others.

Jamilah, the Malaysian who settle in NZ.
After a week home...... My charity work with the kids at pediatric ward, HKL, kids fighting with cancer.
I'm with 6 years old Aishah, been a year she fight with cancer.
Creative clown, he makes gun, animals, flowers etc from the baloon.
A very shy girl.
I attend Lynda Alqudree Selamba Dance class.
My bestfriends, Agnes & Siew Koon

That's all from me. BTW, i gain weight since home. from 48kg now i'm 54kg, just in 2 months!!!! Enjoy your day, thank you for reading. Salam....


Fabulous Me said...

Alhamdulillah.. Sihat rupenye kwn aku sorg ni.. And aku sungguh touch tgk charity work kamu.. Hope sgt bole join. Sian anak2 tuh :(

Pink Diary said...

boleh join, ni project sempena arwah tina (anak kid search). dah lama tak berblogging ni. lepas balik jumpa family, g makan2 melantak smpai tak ingat dunia, jumpa member terus hilang nk berbloging hehehehe

m.u.l.a.n said...

keep up d good work & welcome home...

Pink Diary said...

tq mulan :)

Vin said...

wow! you're super busy! have a great day!