Thursday, August 30, 2012

16 Days in Borneo - Mabul Island

On the second day in Semporna, we decided to go for a snorkeling trip to Mabul Island the next morning. We took a snorkeling trip package from Uncle Chang which is the cheapest from other agent. As usual, my bf has to pay extra because he is non-citizen of Malaysia.

Wake up with the Celebes Sea right in front of your door.
Mabul Island is about 40 minutes from Semporna by speed boat. The lodge is not like a five star resort, but they are clean, safe and comes with basic amenities.
Sea Bajau water village near Uncle Chang Backpackers Lodge.
The rate for snorkeling trip is RM 100 + RM 10 (jetty fee) + RM 15 (snorkeling mask), total is RM 125 (USD 38 / GBP 24). The price included breakfeast and lunch.
Was amazed with the clear water even though there were houses above the water surface.
Live like the locals do. The lodge is the best choice to live like in the floating village. It is surrounded by Sea Bajau floating houses.
I'm afraid those pillar need to be fix.
Our snorkeling trip comes with a two sessions, in the morning and after lunch. In between is the chill out time and lunch. To get to the beach we have to walk through the floating village on the walking platform. Mind your step.
Sea Bajau kids in Mabul Island. The kids with the Gerard No. 8 jersey.

The Only mosque in Mabul Island. Majority the villages are Muslim.

Their life affair with the sea begins when they were young. A sister on the 'sampan' with her wee brother.

A turtle conservation work run by researcher and volunteers. The eggs are keep safe to avoid the villages collect them for sale.

Beach near the Mabul Water Resort. A Sea Bajau girl past by the beach in front of the resort back to her home which is located next to the resort area.
The beach near the Mabul Water Resort probably the only nice beach for a lie down.
Sea Bajau villages near the Mabul Island Resort.

Ready for picture!

Some of the kids will come close to Uncle Chang Backpackers to get attention from the tourist.

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

16 days in Borneo - Semporna, East Coast Sabah

It tooks about 6 hours to travel by bus from Sepilok to Semporna. Semporna is located at the east coast of Sabah in the Tawau division.

Water village in Semporna

Semporna mean 'place of rest'.

The majority of population is Bajau. Many of them live in at the water village on the outskirt of town. Semporna is a gate away for scuba divers to Sipadan Island and other beautiful islands.

The Bajau youth with wheel barrow.

Majority of the kids never go to school.

The two sisters mingle around the town.

Several women on the street selling cigarettes, lighter, tissue and other stuff.

Traffic in Semporna town centre.

Majority of the people in Semporna is Muslim. Mosque in the town centre.

Express bus in Borneo.

Sunset in Semporna

Monday, August 13, 2012

16 days in Borneo - Labuk Bay Proboscis monkey

Labuk Bay Proboscis Monkey Sanctuary located about 40 minutes journey from Sepilok. The shuttle service from our accommodation is at RM35 per-person. Platform A is the first feeding platform you will be taking to. The journey took us through the palm oil plantation.

The male proboscis, big nose and pot belly.

They are a friendly monkey, but visitor not encouraged to go near them.

Can you see his 'red sword'?

The proboscis monkey also known as 'Monyet Belanda' (Dutch monkey among the locals.

The female Proboscis monkey has small and sharp nose.

Feeding time, that is the dominant male proboscis with his wifes.

The male proboscis monkey with the 'red sword' always showing 12 o'clock is consider dominant to the female proboscis.
We move to feeding platform B and watch 30 minutes documentary about Proboscis Monkey which is very good. We found several small monkeys with dark brown / dark grey colour lying at the corridor, sleeping peacefully when we step out from the AV room.

Silver leaves monkey sleep peacefully.

A good spot to have a noon nap.

I'm proud to be Malaysian!

I'm a vegetarian.

The mum and her baby.

Taking her baby for day out with human.

It's grooming time. I want to look gorgeous!

A friendly baby monkey

Friday, August 10, 2012

16 days in Borneo - Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre, Sepilok, Sabah, Malaysia

The first thing we want to see in Borneo is Orang Utan. Free shuttle service from Paganaakan Dii at 9.00am and pick up time is at 4.00pm.

Viewing platform.
The feeding time is at 10.00am and 3.00pm. The ticket is available for both feeding time. The ticket price are differents for foreigner and local Malaysian. Foreigner pay RM 35.00, Malaysian citizen pay only RM5.00. The RM 10.00 apply for camera fee.
The monkey always the first to get to the feeding platform.
This is a Rehabilitation Centre. Don't expect to see a lot of Oran Utan, this is not a zoo. There is no boarder for the Orang Utan to come and go. During the fruit season, March - June, not many of them will come.
We only manage to see only 2 orang utan in the morning feeding time.

The female Orang Utan with her baby

We decide to wait for the second feeding time. So, while waiting for the centre to reopen again at 2.00pm, we watch a documentary about the work at the centre for more understanding.
We saw 4 Orang Utan in noon feeding time. Worth waiting :)