Wednesday, August 8, 2012

16 Days in Borneo - Kota Kinabalu - Sepilok

As a Malaysian, I always proud about Malaysia Borneo (Sabah & Sarawak). When I fiirst met my bf, we talk a lot about travelling. He was completed travelling to India, Nepal and South East Asia country when we first met. 

He has been to Malaysia but not to Borneo part. I told him about Orang Utan and it can only be found in Borneo Island. He got so excited to see some Orang Utan in Borneo. After a few months of our relationship, he decided to travel with me in Borneo when he came to visit me in Kuala Lumpur. We got a best deal Air Asia flight ticket.
Super awesome chicken wings bbq in Philipphine market
Variety of fish you can get as low as £1 (RM 5.00)

12 June 2012 we flew from Kuala Lumpur to Kota Kinabalu. We spend just a night and took a bus to Sepilok the next day. I've been to Kota Kinabalu before, but not for a vacation but for a work. We stay in Summer Lodge with a very reasonable price. RM20 for a mix dorm and RM50 for a double room included breakfeast.
Malaysia famous drink ABC, syrup, condensed milk, and a mixture of fruits and jelly.
I found a few pieces of pasta in my drink. Oh no!!! pasta is not to be put in the juice.

For people like us, we are not very keen to see the city. We just love to see the flora and fauna. One night is enough, had dinner at Philipphine market and just walk around the city for an hour. As I was expecting, the local stare at me and some threw some words which is not nice to hear. I know the answer for this, it's because I walk with white man and I'm a local Malaysian girl.
Fruits and vegetables.

We walk up early morning the next day to catch a bus to Sepilok. We walk to Terminal Wawasan to get a mini bus to Terminal Inanam because the express bus going to Sandakan/Sepilok only departed from Inanam. We managed to get 10.00am bus, Saida express, double decker express.
The peak of Mt Kinabalu.

The bus going to Sandakan, Sepilok is just located about 25km before Sandakan. So you can ask the bus driver to stop you at Sepilok junction mile 14. There are a few sign boards of accommodation to choose from with their contact number. Or to be safe you can book your accommodation earlier.

We call Paganakan Dii and they came to pick us at the Sepilok junction for free. If the accommodation dont provide a free shuttle to pick you, some villagers can take you with their own car but you have to pay for them. It is not hard to get transport there because many local people will stop to ask where you going and take you to your destination with a cheaper price than a taxi.
Our accommodation at Paganaakan Dii, Sepilok.
WARNING : Please bring you insect repellent to keep away the mosquitoes especially aedes, a small mosquitoes with black and white stripes. Aedes mosquitoes can cause dengue fever.
The chill area.
It is pretty hard to find Paganaakan Dii. It is located about 2 km from the main road and you have to go through a park with a few small fishing pond own by local people. The location also far away from shops and restaurant. We had all our meals at their cafe. Breakfeast is free, 2 toast with omlet and sausage. The lunch and dinner meals prices varied from RM7-RM15 per meal. The quality of food is just OK for me.
Mix dormitory, 12 beds.

A platform to view the jungle. I saw 3 rhinoceres hornbill and 1 black and white hornbill.

I'm afraid if you have to share the accommodation with her.

You can spot her very easy  at their cafe.

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