Monday, August 13, 2012

16 days in Borneo - Labuk Bay Proboscis monkey

Labuk Bay Proboscis Monkey Sanctuary located about 40 minutes journey from Sepilok. The shuttle service from our accommodation is at RM35 per-person. Platform A is the first feeding platform you will be taking to. The journey took us through the palm oil plantation.

The male proboscis, big nose and pot belly.

They are a friendly monkey, but visitor not encouraged to go near them.

Can you see his 'red sword'?

The proboscis monkey also known as 'Monyet Belanda' (Dutch monkey among the locals.

The female Proboscis monkey has small and sharp nose.

Feeding time, that is the dominant male proboscis with his wifes.

The male proboscis monkey with the 'red sword' always showing 12 o'clock is consider dominant to the female proboscis.
We move to feeding platform B and watch 30 minutes documentary about Proboscis Monkey which is very good. We found several small monkeys with dark brown / dark grey colour lying at the corridor, sleeping peacefully when we step out from the AV room.

Silver leaves monkey sleep peacefully.

A good spot to have a noon nap.

I'm proud to be Malaysian!

I'm a vegetarian.

The mum and her baby.

Taking her baby for day out with human.

It's grooming time. I want to look gorgeous!

A friendly baby monkey


~Beb~ said...

comel plak aku tgk bebudak ni babe..

selamat hari raya beb.

Pink Diary said...

selamat hari raya gak, mmg comel adik2 idung besar ni