Tuesday, August 21, 2012

16 days in Borneo - Semporna, East Coast Sabah

It tooks about 6 hours to travel by bus from Sepilok to Semporna. Semporna is located at the east coast of Sabah in the Tawau division.

Water village in Semporna

Semporna mean 'place of rest'.

The majority of population is Bajau. Many of them live in at the water village on the outskirt of town. Semporna is a gate away for scuba divers to Sipadan Island and other beautiful islands.

The Bajau youth with wheel barrow.

Majority of the kids never go to school.

The two sisters mingle around the town.

Several women on the street selling cigarettes, lighter, tissue and other stuff.

Traffic in Semporna town centre.

Majority of the people in Semporna is Muslim. Mosque in the town centre.

Express bus in Borneo.

Sunset in Semporna

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