Sunday, September 2, 2012

16 Days in Borneo - Dengue fever

We took a bus to Sandakan with no plan ahead. 'See how things goes' is kind of our attitude when travel. Fix to the plan make us tired.

The second night in Sandakan I fell sick. I got terrible head ache, pain upon moving the eyes, painful aching in the legs and joints. My body temperature rise quickly as high as 40celcius. I just lie on the bed the whole day.
Sandakan sea front, rubbish in the water.

I had a dengue fever 11 years ago in my 2nd year of university. So, I had experienced the symptoms and right away when I was sick I am sure it is a dengue fever. 

About 6 days before I fell sick, we stay at a lodge in Sepilok surrounded by a jungle and lots of Aedes mosquitoes. This mosquitoes bring the dengue fever virus.
Dengue fever make you lost appetite. This yellow rice with mackerel sambal was tempting me and I ate them all.

When I was admitted to hospital 11 years ago on the same infection, the nurses and doctor in charge always advice me to drink a lot of water to reduce the virus in my body and increased the red blood cell. The virus killed the red blood cells.
Memorial of the Sandakan founder (forget his name), a Scottish man.

When I got infected for the 2nd time, I already know what to do. My bf helps me to buy a lot of water. 100plus, mineral water, milo, coca-cola and etc; as long as I keep on taking liquids. I went to the loo every hours and less hours of sleeping.

Our travel delay for 3 days in Sandakan with nothing to do just in the room recovering from dengue fever. Until on the day 4 I force myself to keep on moving and took a bus to Kota Kinabalu, the capital of Sabah.
Cooling gel, to decrease the heat from my body.

My body still weak and I keep continue taking large amount of liquid. Majority of the bus traveling for long journey in Borneo provide a toilet in the bus. Beside the bus do his traveling, myself do traveling from my seat to the toilet at the back of the bus.

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Nick Nashram said...

that's sound terrible..wish you a speed recovery.