Saturday, September 8, 2012

Arrived in Inverness, Scotland

Assalamualaikum and Hello,

The morning that we need to catch our flight, I still manage to squeeze in the time to make breakfast for Douglas to thanks him for the accommodation. Kathleen already away for work. We booked a taxi to Luton airport the night before.

We never check our flight booking print out. When it was our turn to check-in our luggage, we've been told that we only managed to check-in 2 bags as mentioned in the print out ticket. I had another extra trolley bag. £20 need to be paid if we still want to check in our 3rd luggage, we did so as we have no choice.
A welcome gift from Patrice.
The flight journey to Inverness Scotland took about 1.5 hours. Stewardess in Easy Jet are quite old, around 40 I guessed from their face. By the way it's nothing wrong about that. It is a good example to give job opportunity regardless how old are you.

John and Patrice wait us at the airport. Inverness airport is a small airport. About the size of Sultan Azlan Shah Airport (Ipoh). The journey next to my 'new home' (my house for the next 7 months) took about another 1.5 hours from Inverness. Gairloch (located in the Wester Ross district) is considered a rural area. Some part of the road heading to Gairloch is a single road. Passing lanes are every few distance from each other.

The view of Gairloch from my bedroom window.
The Scenery in Gairloch is awesome. It was in the middle of summer when I arrived there. Tourist from all over Europe visited Gairloch. The camping ground were crowded with holiday maker. Restaurant, shops, bar, hotel, B&B and tour package make some good money during that time.
Majority of the villagers here has bird feeding platform at their house.

A simple nice garden facing the bay.

Typical modern Scottish home.

View from the dining room.

A breathtaking view.
In another one day we will start our land trip around Europe. At that moment I felt my body was floating. I just had 1 night to enjoy the comfy bed in my new home before we start traveling again!

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