Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Arrived in London

29 June 2012, first time I set my foot in United Kingdom. It was my dream place to go when I was small and it faded as I grew up. I realized that the world has more than London. I plan to travel and live in UK, trying my luck. I purchased flight ticket to London 8 months earlier from the date of departure. Best deal price was at RM1,800 (£400 / USD600), Malaysia Airlines (MAS). Trust me, MAS airlines always has the BEST DEAL!!!!!!
St Pancras International Railway Station. I was amaze with the massive and busy railway station.
Before we board the flight in Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), I already had extremely over excited feeling, which is not clear the reason behind that. One of the reason I could think at least will help to explain it because London was my childhood dream destination.

When the pilot announced we will land shortly, I rubberneck from my middle seat to see London from the plane. Seeing Thames river already made me super excited. I try to control my super excited face expression coz majority in the plane were English posh people. I think so.

I admired the details of this carving.
My bf and I stayed at his friend's flat in Luton,which is about 40 minutes bus ride from London. We had flight to Inverness, Scotland next 3 days. The London Olympic games was scheduled a month before we arrived in London. It will cost a fortune to stay in London. 

I had a nice Greece food cooked by Douglas and Kathleen. And I felt really appreciate for their sensitivity about Muslim, they bought 'Halal' meat for me.

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