Monday, September 10, 2012

Driving Around Europe - Camping at Verona, Italy

Long way driving from Wester Ross, Scotland to Italy, thousand kilometer, good condition road WE ONLY ENCOUNTERED 2 TOLLS. The first toll is in Austria. Back home in Kuala Lumpur I drove from home to work everyday about 25km return go through 4 tolls.
Good for 4 people, affordable.
This time we don't need to pitch our tent. We book a caravan at Camping Castel San Pietro, Verona.
30euro price for 4 people to sleep in Cabin, and 8euro per person for tent.
Train station is about 30 minutes walk, the nearest bus stop is at downhill of Castel San Pietro. There is a sign leading to castle at the main road. If you come by foot, walking through the houses is the shortcut way but it is quite tiring hiking up the hill with heavy luggage.
Nice and simple of old Italy house located near the campsite.
Unique and historical, the campsite encircled by ancient citywalls. 
Reach downtown with an easy walk, enjoy the history and culture.

Walking up to the camp site can be tiring, just enjoy the nice old and ancient building

It's not just the old building, nice old porsche car.

Relax and enjoy the breathtaking view.

View from the campsite.

Great view from the campsite. The town has it own colour, most of the building painted in bricks colour make the town has it's own personality.


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