Sunday, September 16, 2012

Driving around Europe - Camping at Manerba del Garda, Italy

Day 7 we drove from Verona to Manerba del Grada. Just about 1.5 hours drive from Verona.

Ok, this is Patrice plan to drive just for 1.5 hours to camp and chill by the lake. Go through one toll getting there, aha, not forget to mention.. Italy is probably the only European country that has lot of tolls. but still not as much as we have in Malaysia.

Nothing special about the lake. It is not a touristic place but very famous among German campers.  When we was there, the campsite was occupied by German campers.
"Heil Hitler! Heil, mein fuhrer! Sieg Heil!" aha, just joking.
How do I know they were Germans? I heard they speak in German and all the cars, the campervan were with German registration number.
This is Mitch, a terrier on holiday with her owner.
Campsite fee, what do you expect? It's cheap. We paid 32.00euro (RM128++) per night, for 4 people. For Malaysian, especially those who never have camping experience, the sharing showers and toilets are clean. No water in toilet, just a tissue paper, so bring a bottle fill with water to clean your private part. Advice to my malay Malaysian fellow :).

I have fun playing with Mitch. Friendly doggie.
Sunbathing? Not bother, I'm already brown. The European they do like it to get brown skin. So, if you walk at the beach, watch your step, not to step on the white squid lying on the beach, aha.
I could say that the attraction at Lake Garda is Mitch.
"You go sunbathing, topless or whatever, I'm hungry I want to cook", I said to Patrice. Walking, bum swinging left to right, she lied down on the beach.

Aha, special from my camping stove, pasta with tomato in cans.

Our tent for 4 people.

Dinner time, 7pm still bright in summer time.

It went quiet at night time.

Check out the Camping San Biagio, Lake Garda website :

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