Saturday, September 22, 2012

Driving Around Europe - Camping Jungfrau Switzerland

Assalamualaikum and Hello,
Here we go, camping at Jungfrau campsite, located at the end of the main road of Lauterbrunnen.
This time we don't need to pitch our tent. I like to hear that. Everytime we get to a campsite, I'm piss off with pitching a tent when you are so tired after traveling the whole day in a car.
We hire a tent that already been pitched, with 3 little separate room, came with electricity. Ross and Maxine will join us next 2 days, never met them, just heard about them from Kier.

The weather was so hot in the summer, couldn't sleep in the tent during the day, roasted. So, we going out for a walk.

In most of my entry, a lot of buildings and houses photos and less of photos with typical Asian pose (showing a peace sign). The same things going on here again.
The villages house. Nice, sweet and simple.
The picture above, this house is used to keep the firewood for winter. I love that stairs. Nothing special about it, just cute for my eyes to see it.
A wood house with a stone base, and a contra red colour wooden chair.

Near our campsite is a cow farm and small local cheese processing home. At border of German and Switzerland, at the highland, and in Switzerland as well, the cows and sheep has a bell on their neck. The purpose is not to make them adorable and attract the tourist, to hear where they are when the farmer want to get them.

But, the bell was quite huge for them, it looks heavy.

Suddenly we heard like a sound of thunder, or a sound of a falling rocks. So we look around in case we need to run for safety. But what we saw was a few man jumping from the high cliff, their parachute made a loud sound when it is open.
BASE JUMPING, this is what those man were doing. Jumping from the high cliff. I've been told that this sport is a highly dangerous sport that can easily injure and kill participants. Base jumping is not recommend to anybody. Think long before you involved in this sport. The responsible and safety is all on you alone.

I tried 12,000ft tandem sky diving before in New Zealand, and it is not dangerous I could say, because I'm safely landing on the ground.

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