Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Driving Around Europe - Day 2 & 3 Lautebrunnan, Switzerland

Assalamualaikum &Hello,
Ross and Maxine arrived in Lauterbrunnen from Milano.
We purchased 5 day pass for train and cable car. Weather was not good on the first day we purchased the pass. The view was not clear due to the thick cloud and I did not manage to get nice scenery photos. Weather was cold too up on the mountain, except for Maxine, with her hot pants. Whatever with that bitch.

We went for a train and cable car ride again the next day, weather was sunny and warm. The pass that we purchased enable us to discovered many parts of the mountain by train and cable car, except 'Top of Europe', which is you have to purchase different ticket.
Here are some of the photos at Wengen and Kleine Sheideg. I'm kinda bore with Maxine, she did not talk to me, or at least try to be friendly as I did. They said Glasgow people are friendly, but not Maxine!
I decided to do my own thing and go separate way with Kier.

That's all for now, got more to come in next entry


zila said...

love to read yr profile..I also love to do so. When think about my parent I need to forget it. Scotland very nice place to stay..my fren studied there. Always heard her story about that place...maybe one day i will go ther..InsyaAllah

Pink Diary said...

hi sis, tq for visiting. Yes, it is nice in Scotland, but expensive to travel around here.