Saturday, September 29, 2012

Driving Around Europe - Day 4 & 5 Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

Assalamualaikum and hello,

Day 4, another beautiful sunny day in Lauterbrunnen. We ventured the other side of the mountain, FIRST the peak name. We had some drinks and enjoy the scenery from the cafe on the peak, the only cafe at FIRST.

Another good day without Maxine bitching around me. I try not to hate her, but just can't throw that feeling. She always makes me look stupid with my clothes, always asking me if I'm not warm with my legging. Hello, Miss hot pants, we are on the mountain, the wind is cold.

I could say a long walk is my hobby or my favourite, but a quiet long walk. As usual, Patrice was the one went bla bla bla pot pet pot pet. Instead of taking the cable car going down to another village, we had 1.5 hour walk to the nearest cable car to get to Wengen village.

You could hear the sound of bells from cable car that take you up to the mountain, and it came from the cow's collar bell. Each of them has the collar bell. So you know where to find them once you heard that sound. When we walk down to the village, I manage to see a few cows with the bells.

The scenery are absolutely amazing, calm and peaceful.
You know the outdoor brand called 'THE NORTH FACE'? This is where the brand gets the name, from the WORLD FAMOUS CLIFF, 'THE NORTH FACE', one of the dangerous cliff to climb in the world.

Day 5, another day with pleasant weather. Ross and Maxine once again decided not to join us, doesn't make any different, not feeling missing them tho. Another long walk, what a nice thing to do at a nice place with nice mountain. Schyienege Palatte, was one of the nice easy walk you could do around here. The view from the train station at Schyienege Palatte is amazing.
What is interesting at Shyienege Palatte are the beautiful wild flowers grows along the walking path.

A mini herbs and flower garden with each of the species were place a small card written the name and the scientific name of the plant were built by the local council, some educational section for tourist.

We walk about 2 hours and reached to steep cliff where you can have a nice view of Interlarken.

In early 19 centuries, the kids from the farmer family around here used to sell milk at the train station to earn some money for their family. They will wait for the train to stop and sell milk from the train window.

We got another 4 days in Lauterbrunnen, means that more walks to do around the mountain.


~Beb~ said...

pengsan aku mcm ni.. sgt ctk

Pink Diary said...

kalau pengsan kat tempat mcm ni xpe, dari pengsan terus tukar jadi tidor yang lena dgn udara yang nyaman, serta ada bau bau taik lembu, maklumler, country side