Sunday, September 9, 2012

Driving Around Europe - Fussen, German

It's still a long way to Italy. Patrice suggest we find a campsite near German-Austria border. We drove to Fussen and decided to stay a night there. The summer weather was so hot, even hotter than Malaysia. I prefer hot and warm weather rather than hot and dry weather, make my skin pain.
The architecture of the house is a mix of German and Austrian design.
On our way to the campsite we saw a sign to a castle. After re-freshen, have some fun play mini golf and had an ice cream, we drove and follow the sign to the castle. We arrived at the town called Hohenshwangau and park the car there.

On our way walk up to the castle we walk passed by nice fancy building.
We continue walking and follow the sign. It took about 40 minit walking up the hill.

Hohenschwangau Castle.
The alphorn, a special musical instrument which is popular in Switzerland, but also in German.

Beautiful art on the wall.
Neuschwanstein castle, finally I got to see with my bare eyes. The house that I used to lived in New Zealand has a big poster of this castle. I couldn't found out what's the castle name and where is the location. It is not on purpose we find this castle, just co-incidentally.
The castle that inspired Walt Disney to built a Disneyland castle.
The castle was built by King Ludwig II in 1886. The shy King Ludwig built the castle in order to withdraw from public life. Seven weeks after King Ludwig die, the castle was open to public.
View from the Castle.
Many of the Disney fairytale castle inspired by this castle.

In the castle compound.
Patrice, me and John.
The location of the castle is one of the most beautiful to be found.
The castle in a different painting and seasons.

My tent.
End of the day, time for dinner and rest.

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