Thursday, September 20, 2012

Driving Around Europe - Manerba, Italy to Lauterbrunnan, Switzerland

Assalamualaikum and hello!
Hitting the road again! This time we heading to Lauterbrunnen, one of Switzeland touristic place especially in winter. Thousands of tourist come every winter for the ski fun.
6 hours on the road. John decided to drive at the highlands which is taking longer time. At least what he was doing worth it, the scenery along the way at the highlands are awesome.

The scenery reminds me the scenery from Te Anau to Milford Sound. The big snow cap mountain, and some snow at the lower part. It was summer but some snow was still there. We stop at Grimsel Dam.

The famous furry animals that reside at the highlands of Switzerland is marmot. They live in a hole and usually can be found at the highland with soft ground. Marmot are very wild animals. They will not come out if human are around or close to them.

We saw none of marmot came out from their hole at Murmeltier Park in Grimsel. Thought that I would never see them in real.

In winter, the chances of traveler on this road stranded in thick snow are high. There are an accommodation for people who travel during winter time, especially truck driver.
The sun was shining so bright, but up high here on the mountain it is not as warm as it looks.
Just can't take away my eyes from the view around Grimsel.