Friday, September 14, 2012

Driving Around Europe - Romeo & Juliet, Verona City of Love

When I walk around Verona, I was fascinated with 'Love Padlock'. This phenomenon inspired by a best-selling book, the young couples wrote theirs names on a padlock. They chained their locks around lampposts on Ponte Milvio. Soon the lampposts became too heavy and exploded. The key was thrown in the Tevere, that implied eternal love. Soon the habit became almost a fashion and spread all over Italy.

Love padlock
Love is on the air, that is best describe about Italy. Verona's most popular site is the balcony said to be Juliet's in Romeo and Juliet.
A signboard showing the direction to Rome and Juliet balcony.
Juliet's Balcony makes Verona the City of Love. You could leave a message under her balcony at the 14th century palace. Her secretary will respond to your letter offering advice about your Romeo.
Thousands of people visiting the Juliet's balcony.

If Verona is too expensive and far away for you to go, you could send an email seeking romantic advice. The volunteers at the Juliet Club (Club di Giulietta) will respond to your email.

Thousands of love notes with love message stick on the wall near Juliet's Balcony.
On a Valentine's Day you may win a prize if your letter been chosen as a winner. The prize is a weekend trip to Verona.
It is also believe that if u write you name and your love name and stick it on the wall, your love will be everlasting.
Only for man, stroke the boobs at Juliet bronze statue to get a good luck.

Love padlocks.

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