Monday, September 17, 2012

Driving Around Europe - Sirmione, Manerba del Garda

My entry still about traveling in Italy. Not far from our campsite,30 minutes drive and South of Lake Garda, 'The Scaliger Castle located in the town called Sirmione.
Sirmione is a town located in the province of Brescia in the region of Lombardy.
The Scaliger Castle is a beautiful historic centre situated on top of a small peninsula that just out into the portion of Lake Garda. The castle was built in 13th century.
The Scaliger Castle is consider one of the finest examples of a medieval fortification.
Once, Sirmione was a vacation resort for the elite and the town had grown to become one of the most important Roman cities in northeast Italy.
From the top of the tower, beautiful view of Lake Garda can be enjoyed.
The prison has been located below the main keep (picture below).
The rest of the pictures below are the view of Sirmione town from the Castle.

Done with the castle sight seeing, we walk down to the town.

I dont like a rolling stone.
We saw a shop house covered with huge bougainvilla plant and it attracts tourist and photographer.
Finally, don't leave Italy without eating the ice cream.

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