Friday, September 14, 2012

Driving Around Europe - Venezia (Venice), Italy

First in the morning, woke up in Italy is a must to start a day with expresso. One strong shot of expresso keep me going for that day.
Small cup of coffee but strong.
'We're going to see Venice', Patrice told me. Damn, I really need a day rest after a long walk in Verona and had a sore feet. The summer was hot, terribly hot. Hot and dry. I prefer Malaysia hot weather, hot and humid.
Arrived at Santa Lucia Train Station, Venice.
We walk about 40 minutes from camp site to Verona Porta Nuova Train Station. I hate Patrice type of traveling, the GO GO kind of person, rushing. I'm super tired for Venice and not ready for it.

Venice water bus.
After traveling about 1.5 hours by train we get to Venice. Thousands of tourist flooded Venice.
My boyfriend said, 'let's jump into the water bus, stop moaning'.
Venice is a very touristic place. Maybe not a good idea to visit Venice in summer.
2 cruises drop the passenger to visit Venice.
You can buy a day pass for water bus and stop at any station.
Venice, the floating city.
Hahaha, I'm in Venice. Everybody seems dressed up very nice for the summer, with the latest fashion. Me? With my Elle purple dress and my flip flop.... and with my black shopping bag with a little hole.
Nice ay the old building, I call this art 'scabies wall'.

Italiano love their balcony... Italiano amore balcone.
The things that always impressed me is the balcony in every building is just nice, beautiful, sweet, simple and elegant.
Ti Odio ma ti amo.

Narrow street are everywhere.

Remember the brilliant speed boat chase from the 1979 James Bond thriller Moonraker? The boat make a turn somewhere here.

James Bond speed boat chase here.

At Dogana Da Mar, statue of a boy with holding a frog. He is not french anyway.

Piazetta San Marco.

St. Mark's Basicilica.

In 1979 James Bond, the speed boat chase get here.

One for the album... hard to get nice one when surrounded by thousand of tourists.

James Bond Royale Casino chasing scene here.

St Mark's Basilica.

Venice washing line.

Venice, city of canal. It cost a fortune for a Gondola ride. Nay, not bother.

Busy streets with souvenir shops and tourists.

What a doggie life!

Vandalism at the bridge.

Look nice with pink paint... Hell, the door step same level with sea water.

Taking a train back to Verona. Got hour and a half to sleep. Don't talk to Patrice or she will never stop talking and I have no chance to sleep ;)

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