Thursday, September 13, 2012

Driving Around Europe - Verona, Italy

The gateaway of Italy, Verona. It is one of the most airstocratic town in Italy and beautiful. The monuments, churches and squares peresents the history and art through the centuries.
One of the old buldings in the town.
Verona located at the northern of Italy and because of this geographical position, it gets the name 'the gateaway to Italy'.
Some of the old building here had a new touch with fresh colour.
Verona had several periods that marked the main stages of its urban development. The Roman city, the medieval city and the city of the Della Scala family which perfectly blended together in harmony and create history, art and culture.
The street in Verona where u walk along the old building.
The most mentioned places in Verona is Arena di Verona and Romeo and Juliet love story. These both make the town world famous, but there has many other places which are interesting for you during your stay here.
Monuments are a common around the town of Verona.
Adige river that flow through the city.

The famous poet Dante always relate to the town of Verona. He is the major Italian poet in middle-ages. Dante is also called the 'Father of Italian Lanugage'.
Statue of Dante Alighieri in Signori's square. On the background Cangrade's palace where the great poet stayed.
Dantel was born in Florence, Italy but came to Verona and stay for several years after being exile.
Enjoying my time strolling down the street admiring the old building and the art.

Typical Italian old building with balcony.
Walk through the street, using a map to guide us, we came to Piazza dell Erbe. A good bargain to get some souvenir at the market. The square's most ancient monument is the fountain with a statue called Madonna Verona, a Roman sculpture dating to 380 AD.
Piazza delle Erbe square, was the town's forum during the time of the Roman Empire.

This old wall still standing strong for the next generation.
Never had a go Arena di Verona when you visit Verona, a Roman amphitheatre. The building itself was built in AD30. The amphitheatre could host more than 30,000 spectators in ancient time.
Arena di Verona, the opera production had not used any microphones or loudspeakers until and electronic sound reinforcement system was installed in 2011.

Palazzo Barbieri, the townhall of Verona.

Summer, having coffee outdoor is great to enjoy the sun.

Statue of Dante.

A palace where Dante used to stay.

Ponte Pietra (Stone Bridge).
On the way back from town to camp site, we follow a different route that lead us to a Roman arch bridge crossing the Adige river. In 100BC, the bridge was completed.
During the World War II, the four arches of the bridge was blown up by German troops but rebuilt in 1957 with original materials.

A view of Adige river from Ponte Pietra (Stone Bridge).

Visiting Verona really impressed me how the government and the people initiative to preserve the old buldings. Unlike Malaysia, we lost a lot of of old buldings due to the greediness of the government to give way for modern development.
Don't miss eating out in Italy for the great pasta and pizza.


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