Thursday, September 6, 2012

Sight Seeing London Olympic 2012

Here we go! We bought London Underground one day pass (£15.00) to get around London. From Luton station to St Pancras station took about 40 minutes and change another train to get to Embankment. By 7am we already ready for London and walk to Luton station. Douglas and Kathleen was so kind. They packed us a lunch box so that we can save some money for food.

The world famous underground.
From Embankment station we cross the Golden Jublee Bridge where the London Eye proudly stand for 14 years since 1999.

Eyes of London.
Thousand of tourist flooded the city of London. From the Jubilee Park I had the view Palace of Westminster. Many people take the chance to take a great photo of that building from the Westminster Bridge.
The parliament house, Westminster Building.

Big Ben.

The carving on the House of Parliament.

The crown on the lamp post.

Haw Tucker Peace Campaign, legally been there since 2001, very near to the House of Parliament. The good example of democratic country, freedom of the speech.

Westminster Abbey.

The famous UK phone booth.

Buckingham Palace.

The Queen lifeguard.

The que of London double decker bus.

Trefalgar Square.

Malaysian Tourism Office, right in front of Trefalgar Square, very strategic location. But very upsetting, the window display are very dull. Just a few Orang Utan and Proboscis monkey.

Admiralty Arch near Trafalgar Square.

Prime Minister House, Downing Street. Just a simple apartment guarded with police.

House of Parliament.

Kensington Palace, in the heart of Hyde Park.

London CBD.

The new modern building in London.

London Bridge, taken a month before London Olympic 2012.

End of London visit.

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