Saturday, September 8, 2012

Driving around Europe - Ferry from New Castle to Amsterdam

After just a one night rest and sleep on a comfy bed, we start our one month driving around Europe. We start driving at 5.30am, need to catch a ferry cross to Holland at 4.30pm. We need to be at the port at least around 2.30pm. The car journey from Wester Ross to New Castle took about 7 hours not included the time spend for lunch break.
Castle wall at Berwick Upon Tweed.

After hours and hours sitting in the car, we need some stretching and we stopped at Berwick Upon Tweed. John want to show me the castle wall used to built by the English people when they had war from the Scottish in 11 centuries.
Army barrack.
This is also the most northern town of England, located 4km south of Scottish border. We spend about an hour walking, taking fresh air and had some sandwich.

We jumped in the car after an hour taking some fresh air and walking. Next heading to the Port of Tyne International Passenger. Europe, here we come!
Waiting our turn to drive into the ferry.
Hours and hours we wait in the car, check-in, then que in the line accordingly and waiting again.
Cars waiting in the line.

Parking space at the port for those cross to Holland leaving their car.

On the deck.
John and Patrice said the buffet dinner on the ferry is awesome. Well, as a Malaysian, born and grew up in Malaysian, eat almost anything Malaysian authentic food I found nothing is awesome about the buffet dinner. It is just a variety of choise but makes nothing much different from one another. Boring!
The ferry leaving New Castle.
After dinner Kier decided to go the night club on the ferry. I'm not bother about that. Just to show some respect to Patrice and John, I went with them to the night club. It was not crowded because it is not weekend. Just a few blonde teenage girls dancing like a horny monkey.

15 hours cruising, an overnight cruise. I need to get some sleep, saving some energy for the next day.
Our cabin, 2 bunk beds.

As we get to Holland, we plan to drive to border of German and Italy and camping there. That was our first plan and it change when we stuck in a super heavy traffic in German. We couldn't see any chance the heavy traffic will ends after an hour driving bumper to bumper. So we search in the map book any nearby camp site before the day getting dark. Finally we found one, located next to Rheinz river. The river seems pretty busy with boats and ferry cruising 24 hours.
Camping next to Rheinz river in German.

Time to get a rest, tomorrow another day of traveling.

Arrived in Inverness, Scotland

Sight Seeing London Olympic 2012

Arrived in London

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