Monday, October 29, 2012

A Courage To Take The Risk

Assalamualaikum & Hello, 

This is a continuity from the entry titled 'Saving The Money', sharing how I began to travel and work. My experienced tidaklah sehebat mana, sekadar untuk berkongsi cerita dan pengalaman.

Since graduated from University, I work for 6 years. My last job was in the government. I quick my job in MEASAT to join as a government servant (kat RTM) on my father request. Tak nak kecewakan hati mak ayah.
Time ni debab sket, zaman working in MEASAT atau dikenali dgn lebih mesra ASTRO.
Time kerja di government I started to feel uneasy with the protocol, birokrasi and so on. Cutural shock for me, from working in the multinational company and switch to government sector. The working environment utterly different.

So, I make a plan to start traveling and work. In 2008, working holiday scheme for malaysian to UK still open. So I applied, but luck not on my side, the visa given has reach the limit. I try for Australia Working Holiday Scheme, still the same. Only 200 places offer.
Me when I was still working in RTM, far left.

I can't wait any longer. I send a resignation letter to my boss, to Ketua Pengarah. Some of my colleague said I make a stupid decisions. Who stupid, me or them? Not wasting my young time, years and years working in the same place, with the same experience and grew old, mix around in the same circle of people. My RTM colleague said I just put my self in risk. What risk? Don't talk about risk if you don't know anything. Some more working in the 'iri hati, dengki, hasat dengki' culture, not so me to be part of them.
Met John Dykes, event that I managed with Football Focus Sdn Bhd.
Ticket to Melbourne I already bought it months before I resigned. Been to Australia before alone, went to Gold Coast and Sydney. So, roughly I got the idea where to stay and what to do. I just got a visitor visa, with this visa I wandering around Sydney alone looking for cash job,

FYI, Malaysian can get 3 months visitor visa to Australia. Ok, I used that visa to work in Sydney, in the back of the Turkish Restaurant downtown of Sydney, washing dishes. They pay me daily, under table, 8AUD an hour (roughly about RM 25). 6 times a week I work for 10 hours a day. If you keep your nose clean, no one will come and catch you. Thousands of visitor use their visa to work and some overstay for years and years in Sydney.

That's what I meant with 'A Courage To Take The Risk'. Work where the money is good, and spend where the currency is low. Apa kes kan, kat KL elok-elok kerja glamour dengan artist duduk dalam office pakai baju lawa-lawa. Kat Australia keje ceruk dapur. I tell you.... YOU WILL NEVER KNOW WHAT YOU WILL GET.

Back to hostel from work, I enjoy being with the company of my hostel mates, from France, Italy, Brazil, Argentina, England, Ireland and so on. Young European are everywhere in Australia on the WHV. Most of them just graduated from University, to gain some experience through traveling. Working in the orchard, farm, restaurant, factory and so on.

When my visa nearly expired, I quit my job in the restaurant and back home for a couple of months. Next plan, apply for New Zealand Working Holiday. For NZ WHV application, is easier compare to UK and Australia. Just online from their immigration website. But,,,, you must be super quick. I got it. This time I got legal work permit.
With the hostel cleaning team lepak at McDonald, Rotorua. L-R: Me, Santiago (Argentina), Leo (Brazil), Apis (Penang mai) & Lea(France).
I did various job in NZ. My first job, in the morning working as a cleaner in the backpackers hostel in exchange for accommodation, afternoon till evening work in the Malaysian cafe (cash job) next to the hostel and night time I work as a receptionist (cash job too) in the hostel. I did 3 jobs in a day. One of the way to save money from paying a rental, work with exchange accommodation in backpackers hostel. Usually you only require to work in the morning for cleaning, only 2-3 hours job a day. In the afternoon and night time you can look for a cash job.
The Malaysian that work together with me in the vineyard.
When winter approached, I travel down to South Island for job hunting. Work 3 months in Vineyard doing trimming and wrapping the canes, in the coldest season of the year. Freezing to death. My fingers were all swollen, I can't even brush my teeth, to pain to do so. First few days, menangis dibuatnyer. That's what I call pengalaman.

I moved to Christchurch in Spring time, yes, earthquake. New experience. I work with Malaysian commercial cleaning company, the job is only night time, from 6pm to usually 4am, driving around Christchurch for office cleaning. Many different kind of office I went. The best is every time I went to clean in the game machine slot company, spend few times playing the game. Some office got a free coffee machine, freshen up myself in the late night with cup of coffee.

Summer time I went up to North Island for fruit picking and also to meet some Malaysian friends. In all different jobs I done, I met different kind of person. In the vineyard I work with 2 Indonesian that has been working illegal for 5 years in New Zealand, and a Penang guy. He was in Australia working Illegal for 3 years, and in New Zealand for 4 years. Very surprise, he will migrate legally to Canada to open a Chinese Restaurant with all the money he was saving.

Please be informed, I am not encourage you to come and work illegal in some countries with good pay. I am here just sharing my experience how I begin my work and travel and where I got the money. It's very risky. Many ask the same questions, 'would I manage to get a job? what about if I get caught?'. No specific answer for that, the best I could say is, just try. If you don't try, you know nothing about it, once you try, even though you failed, at least you had learn something, and gained the experience.

With the money I work in Australia and NZ, I travel all around NZ with my campervan that I bought and share with Kier. It's very different when you just visiting or holiday, spending a short time and only manage for sight seeing, you gain no life experienced in foreign country. Through long term traveling and working, you will learn different things from different people. The best thing, you will never know who you will meet, who will become your friends, where you will live next and many unexpected things.

After all, here I am in North West of Scotland, a place that never came across in my mind to try my luck here. My courage to take the risk is worth it. I managed to travel and driving around Europe with some friends in last summer.

Well, I guess I should stop now to start my work. I want to write more but maybe in the next entry. I will give some information about Working Holiday Visa.

In conclusion, it was not easy for me especially finding a job and the work that I done. It's worth it after all if you really love traveling for long term and love the life as a modern nomad.

See u in next entry for more things to share.


WanAtie said...

Sungguh mencabar tapi selagi gak cuba kita tak tau kan sis. Dan pengalaman adalah guru yg terbaik sebenarnya. Terima kasih sis dgn entry ni banyak maklumat yg sy dpt dan sememangnya membantu sy. ;)

syieda said...

i rasa, pengalaman u ni memang seronok utk dibaca. cuma org yang tabah shj mampu utk mengharungi semua ni. i wish u all the best!

❀aRaBeLLa❀ said...

Terima kasih banyak2 kerana sudi share pengalaman awak..tak sabar tunggu sambungan ...:)

❀aRaBeLLa❀ said...

Oh ye masa nak balik ke Msia dari Oz, de tak masalah dgn imigresen sana sbb stay lama? Atau memang u beli return tiket 2-3 bulan selepas tu? Sorry ye sebab banyak tanya..nak tahu sgt..huhu

~Beb~ said...

Beb.. Gile exp ko. Tp syiok. X cube xtau yek? Tp sekental mude mudi aku takat mesia je beb.. Ahaks. Oversea aku x tahan lapo le ahaks!!!!!! Btw klu dh cukop duit ko bkk business kt sne nnti jgn lupe ajak aku as a vvip ko ;p ni dh bertahun ni kachinggggggg ($,$) tokerJ 2

Anonymous said...

I used to work in B.King and cleaner in pubs, selling food at Cricket match in Eden Park, NZ. Those were the best summer i spent as a student.

U have a courage, I respect that.

Good luck.. and please stay safe.

Pink Diary said...

wanatie: u r rite dear, pengalaman adalah guru terbaik.
bella: i dah jawab soalan u in next entry, baru upload tadi. banyak soalan tak apa. i akan jawab base on my experience.
Beb: Of course aku jemput ko jadi VVIP, tabur bunga lagi time ko datang.
goodaspirin: summer always the best time, busier and more jobs available as well :)

faisal asyraf said...

okay, this is an inspiring post although I can sense a bit of emotion in first paragraph :)

I remember quitting from my previous advertising company and the last thing boss said to me 'faisal, i tell you, you're going to mess up with your life'.

That's one of the reason why I made a simple travelblog, to show judgmental people of how 'i mess up with my life'. Take that! ha!

Pink Diary said...

faisal, high 5! one of my reason too.