Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Home Away From Home.

Assalamualiakum & hello.

Please welcome to my home, a small caravan that I call home of my own at the moment.
Rajin datang bertandang.

Couch that will turn to bed at night time.
This is my 3rd time living in a caravan. The first time was in Bleinhem, New Zealand, not really a caravan, but a truck container that has been renovated to be a room and second time was in Napier also in New Zealand. Just a simple caravan. Small but just nice for me.
Ruang tempat menyumbat barang-barang.
Found a multi-colour flag in the cupboard, so used it to decorate my caravan. 
Facilities, this caravan equipped with toilet, but I never use it. Reason, when the poop tank is full, I have to throw it. Tak mau buat semua tu. So, shower and everything, I'll go into the landlord home. Masak-memasak dalam caravan, dapur ada, microwave pun ada.
View from the kitchen.
I got power supply from my solar battery. So during the day I put the solar battery near the window where it can get the sun light. But most of the time I just use the power from landlord home connected through extension plug.
Static caravan, kecil tapi sudah cukup selesa.
Or... I just burn a candle, but very rare I do this. Just sometimes for fun when friends around. When landlord not home, I jumped in the home for watching TV and lie down on the sofa.

In summer it's fine in the caravan, warm and nice. Now the proper cold is coming, I'm freezing in the caravan. Got a small heater fan, use that to warm myself. Anyway, I'm getting use with it.
Not worship anything, just playing boardgame in the dark.
Living in a caravan is quite common here. Not far from me is another man living in a caravan alone. His bigger than mine, with one bedroom. The gypsies living in a caravan, but they move from one place to another with their caravan.

Ok, that's it. Jumpa lagi dalam celoteh yang akan datang.


WanAtie said...

Sis dlm satu caravan yg mcm sis ni blh muat brape org tinggal?

Anonymous said...

You've got a really nice blog here. Saw d comment you left at Sir Pok Deng. I must say what you are doing is what I secretly wish i could do.


Pink Diary said...

wanatie- dua orang boleh tinggal
goodaspirin- it's good if we live to inspire each other.