Thursday, October 18, 2012

Again About Gairloch

Assalamualaikum & hello,

Again about Gairloch. Where is this place? It's in north west coast of Scotland. About 5 hours from Glasgow.
Pier at Gairloch.
In Scotland, they not only speak gawky English, but also some of them speak Gaelic especially in the highlands. It is not widely spoken especially among the young generation. I could say it's already been forgotten. If you travel in the highlands of Scotland, the sign has 2 language, one in English spelling, and another in Gaelic.
What tourist could do here? Sealife wildlife cruise is very famous here, and also the best place in Scotland for whale and dolphine watching. Last few months I saw about 8 dolphines swimming in the ocean near Gairloch. Other than that are mountain biking, tramping and hiking.
Gairloch fisherman boat.
Have you heard about British weather? or some said Brishit weather. While we Malaysian always talk about food, and discussing how good are our food, the British talk more about their weather. It always rain here in Summer.
You can get fresh sea food here.
I first came to Scotland mid of summer this year. Some of the villages I met here always ask me, 'do you like the weather here?' According to most of them, this summer was the best summer they ever get in 5 years. They got nice weather without rain at least for 4 days straight.
World War II memorial.
After a few months here, now I realized how shit is the British weather. When it rains, it gets cold and wet. When it stops it still wet coz they get not enough sun to dry the land like in the tropical country like us.
When the weather is nice like in all the pictures taken, most of the villages spend their time outside; picnic, gardening and walking on the beach.
Gairloch golf field.
This is like a retirement village. Majority retired people from the city came to move here. Also an ideal place to raise a kids. Parents not worry as much as they do like in the city when the kids were outside playing.

Picnic on my own, snap using a tripod and pretend not looking at the camera to make it look natural, aye.

Setakat ini sahaja, see you in next entry. Terima kasih kerana sudi membaca.


WanAtie said...

Brishit weather?hahahaha! sis berapa lama di scotland?lepas ni akan trus keje disana or back to NZ?

Pink Diary said...

saya tak balik NZ lagi dah. buat sementara ni, travel sambil keje di sini dulu.