Sunday, October 21, 2012

Cycling in Highlands Scotland.

Cycling has become part of my weekly routine kat sini.  End of summer, just a few days I came back from europe, I decided to cycle for long journey, tapi tak long sangatla, 80km return. Our destination is to Gruinard Bay and camping a night there.
From Gairloch to Gruinard Bay is about 40km.
 We stop in Poolewe for energy top up, had a rest and meal.
Beg untuk disangkut di belakang basikal.
For this long cycling trip, Kier interested to join me. Outdoor activities are really him. Since Kier came with me, all the camping gear I put on his bike, so I just had a backpack only.

If you not into physical activities, such as jog or running, this could be very hard for you. The road are not flat here, up and down the hill.

It took me about 3 hours for 40km cycling, while Kier only took about 2.5 hours. He did this quit often before, so, eaaassssyy for him!
We went through a bushes full of fern leaves to get to the camping site. I hate this fern leaf because it's the home for a tick. A small bugs that sucks your blood. About the half size of lies, so small. But you don't feel they suck the blood, when it's full they can grow like the size of a peas.

FOOD, I brought 'nasi goreng' for the dinner and 'mee goreng' with 'sambal telur' for the next day breakfast. Kier also brought his own style of 'nasi goreng' and a cheese sandwich.
Gruinard Bay.

Low tide.
I had really a good sleep. The next day we had to cycle back to Gairloch. I ran out of the energy, or it was just me starting to feel lazy.

Till now, have a nice day everyone. In next entry will bring you to meet some of the highlands residents.


❀aRaBeLLa❀ said...

Nak tanya tak susah ke nak cari keje kat sana? Tengah planning nak travel sambil wat part time job..

WanAtie said...

woww bestnya sis. teringin nk cycling jauh-jauh tapi kat sni mcm susah skit.

Zila Zainal said...

Homaiii... im so happy i got to know ur blog! best gila u travel around the world! sangat teringin nak buat macam u. tapi tak cukup berani i guess :( keep it up babe! :D

Pink Diary said...

bella, mula2 dulu, susah nk cari keje. menangis i. byk rejection. nt i sharekan dlm entry.

wanatie, cari tempat yang selamat nak berbasikal di malaysia. kereta laju-laju. first i cycle g skolah dari rumah, di ipoh. lebih kurang 15km. dlam sminggu je, lepas tu mak i tak bagi.

thanks zila, tak berani gak dulu, sekarang ni pun masih ada gak rasa takut2.

faisal asyraf said...

Omg! you did cycling too! masa aku kat sana, aku sewa bike kat Becycle Aberdeen for free(letak deposit 40pound yg leh amik blk, rent up to 6 mths).

Tapi tak jauh sgt, dari Aberdeen Uni ke Aberdeenshire je sepanjang old deeside railway path.

Cycling was never part of the plan, but once I get to travel again, cycling is a must!

❀aRaBeLLa❀ said...

Owh pls pls share ye and any advices..
Sebenarnya tak de la berani sgt tapi rasa nak sangat gi merantau walaupon bajet tu nipis. =/
anyway kalo tak keberatan boleh tak minta emel awak?

P/s: baca dari komen atas u pernah tinggal di ipoh ? Saya pun orang ipoh jugak =)