Monday, October 8, 2012

Driving Around Europe - Day 6 & 7 Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

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It was already 6 days we were in Lauterbrunnen, I guess too long to stay at one place, in a little town, down in the valley. Anyway, it was Patrice idea, her plan to stay longer so that we can spend time together with Ross and Maxine.
From left, Miss stinky hot pants, Maxine, Ross and Kier.
So, again after hang out at Wengen (1, 274m from sea level), I persuade Kier to take a train to Interlarken. I know none of them keen to go to Interlarken. They prefer to stay in that valley, enjoy the big mountain. But I had enough going from one village to another village in the mountain. I would love to see Interlarken, the nearest biggest city.
Heading to Interlarken, our 1 week train pass also can be used to take a train to Interlarken.
From Interlarken train station, we walk about 10 minutes to Harderbahn station, and took a cliff cable car up to the summit of Harder Kulm.
A funicular, or a cliff railway. It just take 8 minute with funicular service.

From the peak, visitor afford to view Lake Thun and Lake Brienz
The most exciting day since we stay in Lauterbrunnen, day 7! Patrice was sick, she got flu, that helps to keep her quiet. She decided to take a rest and stay in the camp site. While Maxine and Ross has other plan, going to Top of Europe, was one of the location in James Bond.
Kier felt a bit bore without them. I don't care about who is not in and who is in. I decided to take a train to Eigergletscher (2,320m). The place was quiet, only those with the interest of hiking, climbing and long walk.

Walking on the ice, not my first time tho, just nice for a photo shoot.
We decided to go further to walk near the glacier, but we have to cancel the plan after we heard several sounds like a storm created by avalenche. I have no plan to end my life her, on a cold freezing mountain.
Love to be on the mountain.
Instead of taking a train to the next station, we decided to walk down to Kleine Scheidegg, about an hour 40minutes.We encountered quite a lot of Japanese tourist, and most of them doing the hiking around the mountain. Some look pretty old but fit enough to do the hike. Most of the young prefer to stay in train and cable car to travel from one village to another village in the mountain. Hard for them to do the hike in the Shibuya street fashion, with platform shoes.

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