Saturday, October 13, 2012

Driving Around Europe - Dijon, France

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Our next destination is 230km from Lauterbrunnen, Dijon, a city located at the eastern of France. The historical capital of the Burgundy region.
We camping at Camping du Lac Kir, located near the Lake Kir. Approximately 36euro (RM130) for 4 person, per night.
Campsite in Dijon. Cheap and clean, located near the city centre.
Walking to the city centre of Dijon only took about 15-20 minutes from the campsite. In France, or only in Dijon, I'm not sure, Monday is the weekend.
Typical architecture of french old building.

Old building from 14-15th century.
Dijon it's not an ideal for the whole holiday, but worth for a day trip. It is also not popular among Asian tourist, but it is worth visit for the history and experience the walk through the city with old buildings from 14-15th century.
Dijon city hall at night.

Dijon is best know for its mustard, also name after the town.
I can say that I finally had taste the best mustard in my life here. It's different from the yellow mustard that we always get in Malaysia, which is American mustard, taste yuck, can be found in a hot dog at 9010 franchise in Malaysia.
Besides bread, french people are famous with their best cheese.

In next entry, will update about Paris. Thanks for reading. Please help yourself by leaving any comments, questions or suggestions in any language ;)

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