Sunday, October 14, 2012

Driving Around Europe - The Famous Eiffel Tower

As usual, the night before we start heading to new place, John already told the time that we should get ready. My laziest part is packing the stuff, especially to put down the tent, cleaning them from sands and grass, then put them nicely in the tent bag.
Dijon to Paris is about 300km, north west of Dijon. We camp in Versailles, which is outskirt of Paris, about 20minutes drive to Paris. Huttopia campsite, is one of the nicest campsite we camp in 3 weeks driving around Europe. The price is slightly higher than the other campsite we had stay, but still far more cheaper than staying in a box, I mean in a hotel room.
Statue of Liberty in France.
Camping here is the best choice to save  money from staying in the centre of Paris. To get to the city centre, we took Paris Metro. The nearest station is Porchefontaine, Line C, about 20 minutes walking. It was early in the morning, 6.30am when we get to the train station. We have no idea how to purchase a day pass from the machine with the instruction in French. No station staff around too.

We just hop in the train without ticket. We stop at Gare d' Austerlitz and manage to exit at the disable people exit. We was a bit lost. It was in the morning, people in Paris dash in the train, rushing to get to their work place. The road started to get traffic.

So, we just walk along a river. From far we can see Eiffel tower very clearly. To start our sight seeing in Paris, we had a breakfast near Eiffel tower. Most of the cafe in France has small round table. The french are very proud of their bread. We had croissants with butter and jam; and a coffee.
Eiffel tower already celebrate its 120th birthday.
Eiffel tower in the morning, rubbish still on the field, from last night party.
A very rare view you don't see in most of Eiffel tower picture, rubbish on the field surrounded the Eiffel tower. They had some kind of festival and party the night before. Tourist already flooded at the Eiffel tower ground, taking photos, posing and so on.
Long que of tourist to go up the Eiffel Tower.
The less que is at the counter ticket for climbing up by stairs. Why trap in a super long que while you can get in the short que. By stairs? No problem, it just only an Eiffel Tower by the way. You can also purchase the ticket online, but by stairs category not available to purchase online. Buying your Eiffel Tower tickets.
Only 5euro (RM20) by stairs ticket and only valid to 2nd floor. It's already enough for me coz the view still the same, just the height is different. Some more there is no sky crapper around Eiffel Tower to block your view. None of the building around Eiffel Tower are taller than the first floor.
First floor, the vast visiting space is ideal for relaxing and hang out.
2nd floor, restaurant & souvenir shops.
You enjoy the view, and we enjoy your view, hehehe.
View of Champ de Mars and Ecole Militaire.

Shadow of Eiffel tower, view of Trocadero and Palais de Chaillot.

View of Eiffel Tower from Palais de Chaillot.

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