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Driving Around Europe - French Kiss!

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Paris, the home for the world's finest, most luxurious and famous fashion designers and cosmetics. Chanel, Christian Dior, Yves Saint-Laurent, L'Oreal, Lancome, Clarins and etc. I got not much knowledge talking bout Paris and the fashion industry.

Let's talk something about French Kiss! The romantic film once roaming around the world and people talk about it. Most people do talk about it because it was set in Paris, City of Love. Many film took place in Paris, from romance to action, any type.

The numerous landmarks in Paris make it one of a favourite film location for film director. I'm sure the pictures here in my entry you have seen it somewhere in a movie call so on and so on.
the Arc the Triomphe.
I remember watching 'the Arch the Triomphe', a war romance movie. About a doctor in World War II practices medicine illegally to help the refugees, at that time Paris was crowded with refugees. Many of the scene in film showed around the Arch the Triomphe, and so the film name in reference of that landmark.
Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel.
A few years ago, I watched Da Vincci Code, shoot in Louvre Pyramid where Tom Hanks track down the Holy Grail. Other place such as Montmartre, around the area of Basilique du Sacre Coeur.
Louvre Pyramid.

Basilique du Sacre Coeur.
View from Montmartre.
Streets at Montmartre, the smart car chasing scene in Da Vinci Code.
The Hunchbak of Notre Dame (kalau orang melayu panggil si bongkok), a bellringer that live at the Notre-Dame Cathedral tower. Take a look inside this 800 years old cathedral, the gothic interior formed a spooky feeling. The Cathedral received thousands of visitor each day in summer.
The Notre-Dame Cathedral is already 800 years old.
Quite a recent years, the movie Taken. This movie give some misconception about Paris; drugged and raped, sold into prostitution, maybe got killed and the police don't go deep into the case.

Hundreds of movies set in Paris, others that I don't elaborate here are Hugo, The Tourist, Anastasia, Around the World in 80 Days and many more.

Like every metropolitan city in the world, there must be some part of the city is a dodgy area or the English always said, 'rough area'. After we walk down from Montmartre, we were not sure how we get in there, a place with a modern art things around, and a modern art museum, Pompidou.
Pompidou Centre, the largest of modern art museum.
We came across with two females beggars argued with a customer in a cafe after they refused to give some money to the girls. And the girls continue begging in a different cafe, this time a group of Chinese youth, they raised the voice and shouting. The group of Chinese youth was shock on the beggar reaction. Another man came to stop the two beggars, a man I supposed he is homeless. Then they both get into fighting. Paris, Paris, Paris, what a city!
Art fountain at Pompidou Centre.

Pompidou Centre.
Another interesting things that I saw in Paris is few electric cars was charging on the street. There are a numbers of charger located at a particular street to charge your electric car. As we know, electric car is not only cheap, it also efficient to the environment. But, why it doesn't go so big? The petroleum company has the answer. Or you should watch the documentary call 'hybrid car'.
Charging the electric car. Why the electric car doesn't go so big?
Thanks for reading! See you in the next entry about 'French Revolution', my visit to the once was a world famous palace located in Versailles, Paris.

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