Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Driving Around Europe - French Revolution

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My entry this time could be boring and sound serious for some people that hoping to see some photos of me do the cliche posing next to the famous landmark in Paris and so on, or making some duck face while posing with some thick fake eyelashes. No chance of that tho.

Before I came to France, I never heard about Chateau de Versailles. It is famous among European because it was the biggest palace in Europe. When we had dinner at the camp site, Kier was busy talking about the history behind this great palace, the French Revolution.

Chateau de Versailles, a palace that became the symbol of absolute monarchy system. A system where it practice a total power over the land and the people. The example of countries that still practice this systems are Brunei, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Swaziland, Vatican city, and Qatar.

The front gate of the Palace. Other special entrance for visitor.
Absolute Monarchy collapsed by the power of the French people. One of the causes of this revolution is the economic factors; poverty, hunger and malnutrition among the people due to the rise price of bread.
Chateau de Versailles, 2,000 rooms, thousands of windows and doors, and 1000++ of paintings.
While the people was starving and die from hunger, King Louis XVI of France, the royal family and aristocrat lived very luxury. They build the great palace with massive huge garden.
Massive garden, connected to Marie Antoinette estate.
Besides poverty and hunger, the people were striving to pay the land tax to the government, which by mean for the king too.
Marie Antoinette estate.
During the heat of anger among the people, arose a young man that has a big influenced behind the revolution, Maximilien de Robespierre.

Great sculpture for fountain, hundreds of fountain in the massive garden.

The blood of the revolution begin. The people marched their way to the palace in Versailles, to catch the King Louis XVI, the Queen, Marie Antoinette, the rest of the Royal family and aristocrat. Thousands of them has been captured, every single of man and woman.
Fountain show with classic french songs every day.
The people of France then execute death penalty to the King, Queen, royal family and aristocrat. People of France watched the execution, one by one head been chopped. Those who watch, the people of France, cheered up as their heads separated from the body.
One of the ballroom in the garden.
Finally, the man that they are waiting for to be execute, was once their King, who live luxury on what they earn, from the people money and ignore the poverty, hunger and death, was about to end his life under the power of his own people.
The kids from the Royal family and aristocrat being took away and not been execute. Those kids had been kept and brain washed. That's the end of the Royal blood in France, since then France has no King and Queen like they used to be.

When the French Revolution ends, the palace was open to public and used for several occasion for the government, then turn into museum.
If you are interested to know more about French Revolution, you can watch a very good documentary in youtube, just search 'FRENCH REVOLUTION'. One of the best part travel to France, beside posing next to the Eiffel Tower and do some cliche posing, explore the history that has been kept centuries by centuries. The great country like France today was born from the blood of the Royal family.

Thanks for reading. Hope this entry will give some 'ilmu' (knowledge) to all of us. InsyaAllah.


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susah la wat duck face, leh demam seminggu dibuatnyer

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Assalamuallaikum sy merupakan silent reader blog cik selama ini. Saya amat tertarik dgn cerita2 cik di luar negara. Di sini sy ada satupermintaan, boleh kah cik buat satu entry bagaimana mula2 nya cik mengambil keputusan utk berhijrah ke luar negara dulu dan ceritakan pengalaman buat kali pertama di negara org. Saya amat berminat ingin mengetahuinya kerana sy juga pernah merancang utk berhijrah ke jerman dan negara lain.

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W'salam Wan Atie, InsyaAllah, diberi kesempatan nanti saya kongsikan di entri akan datang. Terima kasih kerana membaca, dan saya akan kongsikan ilmu serta pengalaman yg sy dpt