Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Harry Potter Flying Lesson

Assalamualaikum & helo,

End of driving in europe, we crossed back to UK from Amsterdam by ferry (Amsterdam-Newcastle). Due to long hour driving, we were all pretty tired, Patrice contact her friend Helen in Delft, Holland. The first night after a month sleep in a tent, we finally get a comfy bed in Holland.
Alnwick Castle, the flying lesson in the first Harry Potter.
When we get to England, drove from New Castle we passed the town called Alnwick, pronounce it 'A-nik'. So, grab your broomstick and head to Alnwick Castle in Northumberland, England. Remember the flying lesson scene from the first Harry Potter? Besides Harry Potter, this castle also was used in Robin Hood Prince of Thieves film.
The fee charge to get into the castle is expensive. I'm running out of pound, don't bother to go in then. But, We still need to pay to get into the garden, £12.50, shite! Still expensive.
About the garden, it's nothing special for the price of £12.50. Nice for a family picnic and kids event or old people meet up, some kind of friends of garden meeting. Other than that, really nothing for that price.

The rest are the picture from our touring around the castle area. Not in the mood of writing at the moment. 'Jiwa Kacau' (disturbing soul).


~Beb~ said...

Ini kalau ttunjuk kat laki aku 4sure die excited gils.

Pink Diary said...

hb minat harry potter ek, tp kalau peminat tegar, mmg berbaloi baloi la masuk castle.

syieda said...

waaaaaa... akan masukkan dlm wishlist ni..