Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Queen Favourite Beach?


One day, I had a conversation with one lady age late 50s named Massie, our regular customer.
"Have you been to Queen favourite beach?" ask Massie.
"No, what is nice about it?"
"It's the Queen favourite beach, and also Princes Anne always go there for a picnic. It's a lovely beach", answer the lady in the excited expression on her face.
"Great would love to go there".
I was so excited because she said it's a Queen favourite beach!
Red Point Village.
Back in the kitchen, I ask Jo about it.
"You know Red Point Beach?"
"Yes, 20 minutes by car, on the way to Torridon", Jo answered.
"Massie just told me it's Queen favourite beach."
Jo just laugh when he heard that.
"The Queen went there 2 times only, it was donkey years ago (long time ago). It's just her favourite beach, not the Queen".
So Massie just make things sound so huge by saying 'its Queen favourite beach'. Another thing that still make me excited to go Red Point Beach is because it is where Jay Kay (Jamiroquai) home is. If you still remember in the 90's he is very famous with acid Jazz.
Red Point Beach during low tide, quiet and peaceful.
The first time went there I just chill at the beach. I couldn't find out which one is Jay Kay home, even Jo has no idea. Jo's dad told me it's on the right before the beach car park, the stone house. But I saw several stone houses. 

Then I found a walking trail leading to another village called Shieldeg. So I make the next plan to come back for tramping.

Tramping along the coastal trail.

This abandoned house has become a place to store the fishing equipment.

Another abandoned house, nice location, facing the Atlantic Ocean.

I didn't make it to Sheildeig village because the trail is not pleasant for me, so many cow and sheep poop. Anyway, as usual, I really enjoy the view. Cantik dan menyamankan.



WanAtie said...

Kt situ jumlah penduduk dia ramai ke sis?

Pink Diary said...

kalau combine dengan beberapa kampung terdekat, population approx 3000 je, x ramai sgt