Friday, October 26, 2012

Saving The Money

Assalamualaikum & Hello,

Everybody always wanted to do something in their life and it always a reason behind that. I always wanted to travel and work abroad and be part of their community to gain culture experience and learn new things. I thought I could have never done that.

It looks impossible at the beginning. But if you know where to start, then you realize it's not impossible.

My entry this time is in respond to some request from some of the readers that wanted to know how I manage to get a job abroad.

Before I jump straight to the answer for getting a job abroad or how I get the money to travel many places, it is best for me to start from the beginning.

Saving The Money

If not because of my parents keep remind me to save money, and only spend on what is necessary, I couldn't have done what I had done today. Well, nothing great actually what I have done, I'm not a lawyer nor a doctor, not fall into any professional group.

Let's start with PTPTN. Yes, our student loan. This is the source of a huge amount of money that has been given to me once the loan approved when I was a student. Tell me, what most of the students do with this money besides paying the University/College fees, house rental, books and other necessities?

Majority of my friends during my student time, was busy chasing the latest gadgets in the market, this handphone, that handphone and so on. And also busy chasing the latest fashion like the one they saw in the magazines.

Every semester I got roughly about RM 1,800 per semester. UiTM fees are the cheapest in Malaysia University, plus hostel+university fees = RM400 (approx). Since I lived in a student hostel, I save money from eating outside. Though  many students moaning about the food in the hostel cafeteria, but for me it's fine, nothing bad about the food.

For 5 years I got my PTPTN money (diploma & degree), and every semester I could save up to RM1000. So altogether 5 years has 10 semester, I graduated with RM10,000++ (plus the dividend I got from saving in ASB and Public Mutual). People will always said GRADUATED WITH FIRST CLASS HONOUR or bla bla bla, but..... I always said I GRADUATED WITH RM10,000 in my bank account.

Later on after a month graduated I managed to get a job with MEASAT, good pay, with performance bonus and 2 months salary bonus. Save and save again. Still I'm not into chasing the latest gadgets or fashion. Saving up money to start traveling.

Well, enough of my babbling this time, will share more. To be continued....


WanAtie said...

Sis thanks for sharing ur stories sabar nk tunggu sambungan cerita sis.

Anonymous said...

Great.. yes do continue )

Anonymous said...

inspired! thanks. on my way to travel the world. simpan duit dulu (: