Monday, October 22, 2012

Smell Like Country Side

In the last entry I mentioned about to bring the readers to meet the Highland's residents. Let's meet some of them. The residents that are loyal to the Highlands. Like New Zealand, Scotland also popular with sheep and cow.
Tak mesra sangat, malu-malu.
Here, if you can't see them, you can smell them. I love to wake up in the morning, looking through the window, and see a flock of sheep starting their routine, eating grass in the field behind my room.

Menggesel-geselkan punggung di kayu untuk hilangkan rasa gatal.
In Spring season, usually in April, the lamb will come. And you can see them in the field with their mum, jumping and playing. Ohhhh so cute!

Orang kampung panggil Panda Sheep.
Also in spring season it's a sheep shearing, removing the sheep wools. So that they will not so warm when summer come. 

Between spring and summer, the most horrible job in sheeping, cutting lamb tail or docking. The purpose of docking is to reduce the faeces build up around the bum which can encourage flies.

Before new method came, they used to cut using a sharp knife. It is so inhuman. Some still using this method. The new method that has been using widely is using a rubber rings that band tightly around the tail to stop the blood circulation. The tail will fall by itself, you can see them falling on the road, on the field in the summer.

Highland Cows, berbulu tebal for cold season.
Next, highland cows, they started to breed this cows in Highland, Scotland and exported it widely to cold country. Long furry coats protects them from the cold winter.

Lembu biasa, tapi tetap comel.
The meat is different from the normal cows. Tak pernah rasa lagi. Some said the meat is leaner, or 'padat'.

Slug, sedang bermesra.
The black colour creature and look like a snail without the shell is call slug. Memang banyak, usually can be found on the grass.

Well sambung kerja, got to go. Next entry, an invitation to my house here. All are welcome :)


~Beb~ said...

Geleman lagi aku tgk slug tuh beb.. Cian tambing2 tuh botak tapi kat sane rupa dorang cute2 kan? Bersih jer pon. Kat sini? Heh!

WanAtie said...

Hahaha yg part paling klakar bila si panda sheep tu gesel bontot ;p

m.u.l.a.n said...

ohh my... bestnya kat sini..

Susan Lolo Bua said...

waa.. saya mau pergi melawat tempat ni, tapi duit susah la :)
akk ni keja apa? saya baca blog akk, mcam akk ni traveling jee :)

if ada rejeki saya dtg rumah akk sini, boleh?