Friday, November 2, 2012

Splendor Of Ended Day

Assalamualaikum & hello,

Few days ago weather was bad here due to Sandy hurricane in US East Coast. In the North West Coast of Scotland did not get the hurricane, but we just got the tail of it. Strong wind and rains continuously for several days. Nothing serious happen. 

After few days with bad weather, yesterday the sky was clear from morning till evening. When I was cycle back home around 6.00pm, the sun had started to set. 

Gairloch view point is the best place to see the sunset. A few man with their professional camera was there before me. Everybody was quiet, the situation was calm and peaceful.

Here are some of the photos I managed to capture yesterday.

The view of Gairloch Beach.


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m.u.l.a.n said...

amazing pics...!!!!!

take care ya..