Friday, March 22, 2013

I Want That Lean Body

Assalamualaikum & hello all,

Anyone of you here has a weight problem or looking forward to loose weight but never make it happen?


I was chubby 3 years ago with weight reached 59kg. To be honest, life in Malaysia surrounded with amazing & cheap food make it more harder to achieve my goal. The mamak food & yg sewaktu dengannya really tempting and I was too weak to say NO. I used to do a lot of jogging & hiking but still I failed to reduce my weight.

Me, 3 years ago. Picture was taken somewhere end of 2010.
It doesn't mean you can eat unhealthy food like nasi lemak, roti canai, mee goreng mamak, ayam goreng rempah, mee kari & all the yummy greasy food, & do a lot of exercise can burn the fat that we took.

'Janganlah takut nak makan itu makan ini, you kan banyak do all the hiking and stuff,' my friend always said this to me. This type of thinking is totally wrong.

I dah sampai fade-up and almost quit to reduce my weight, walaupun dulu I tak lah segemok mana, cuma debab & chubby. Bab perut jangan cakaplah. Contoh kat gambar atas tu, macam orang dah ada anak 3.

When I traveled, I started to learn about EAT CLEAN. Apa tu? Nanti citer, next entry.

Hasilnya selepas mengamalkan EAT CLEAN diet (picture below), on & off la coz bila balik Malaysia melantak kedai mamak jugak. Very hard to say NO to mamak.
Terkini, my new body figure, weight 48kg, my height is 155cm.
Afterall, setiap orang ada GOAL yg tersendiri. Some of us are happy with their own body figure. You know what you want to make yourself happy. If you badly want something, go for it. Never stop. Push yourself until the end.

See ya & love from Christchurch xoxo

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