Monday, March 25, 2013

Inspirational Work Out Shirt

Monday! Monday! Happy Monday everyone. Make it a great day. Remember, how you create your day is in your hand, and how you choose to interact & react to people. 

I've been working so hard to push myself for a run & work out. They were times I tell myself I can't go anymore. NO. STOP. 

I've been wanting for something so badly, really  bad whether it's about traveling or fitness, I found the way to get what I want. YES, you will find the way to get what you want and you can create your own destiny. It may not be easy but it can be done. Roar on you little fighter! GRRRR!!!!    

Everyday I push an extra mile in my running routine. Finally, I managed to run at least 5km without feeling wanna stop. Back home from a run, I push myself for another workout, body toning. Sometimes I will do my toning session in the morning before breakfast.

Let me show you my work out shirt that I'm in love with now. An inspirational long sleeve workout shirt, made from soft cotton, it says; TRAIN LIKE A BEAST, LOOK LIKE A BEAUTY.

Inspiration is the most important driving force for success in your fitness journey. Then come self motivation, follow by execution and finally EUPHORIA!!!!

The message I want to leave with you today is that beauty is important – but it must be achieved from the inside out.

Stay beautiful and work hard! All with the goal of finding happiness and making people around you feel good, therefore making you feel amazing.


Anonymous said...

“Inspiration is the most important driving force for success in your fitness journey.” – I definitely agree with you about this. If you’re not inspired to do something, you’ll end up either quitting or being too lazy to finish. It’s just like in working out. If you really don’t inspire yourself to exercise, you might end up sleeping more than getting your body to move. Your shirt’s message also motivates me to start working out too.

-- Vernia Soriano

Pink Diary said...

Yes, let's start working out. surrounded yourself with people that will support you.