Saturday, March 30, 2013

Saturday Morning, Simple Breakfast For Single Woman

Assalamualaikum & hello,

Breakfast time. As a single woman, I always treat myself with a simple but nice breakfast especially in the weekend. It is just part of loving yourself and to start your day in a happy mood.

Bake beans & half boil eggs on toast with fresh tomato for breakfast today. Very simple from the cheapest food brand 'budget' that can be found in Pak 'N' Save. Guess what??? The price of budget bread is slightly cheaper from the price of Gardenia bread in Malaysia. NZD 0.89 (budget bread price)  x RM2.5 = RM 2.23. Actually there is no such thing of 'HIGH COST OF LIVING' in New Zealand.

A can of bake beans only cost NZD0.69 (RM1.73). Affordable isn't it? New Zealand dah lama ada  product yang murah untuk membantu rakyatnya yang tidak berapa mampu. Inilah yang dikatakan 'developed country'.

So, here was my breakfast this morning that filled me up til noon.

Cinta also had a few lick from my breakfast. Apa orang makan tulah dia nak. Banyak ragam tul si kenit ni.

Off to somewhere over the rainbow. Have a good weekend. Chow!

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