Saturday, September 20, 2014

House Hunter International (inspired by Travel Channel)


I keep thinking about buying a house for the past couple of years but no money no talk babeh. I've got money naw, but location, size of the yard, house sqf, the design are my main priorities. Buying a house in Malaysia? Nah, not thinking bout it at the mo, but maybe in future. 

Reasons I'm not wanting to buy house in Malaysia,,,,,,

1. Mum dad got 3 houses already, and they only hv me & my sister, & our 2 beloved kitty. And I dont think mum dad will grant the house to our 2 kitties. Na way. Well, will tell ya, 2 of the houses that mum dad have now is hard to get with the price they bought more than 10  years ago. Price of properties in Malaysia is scary. It's a good house, 4 bed rooms condominium with only 2 unit on each level,,, and 4 bedroom double storey house. The other house is just a low cost house that we rent out for only RM300/month. 

2. Most of the houses build in Malaysia have a tiny weeny front & back yard.... and terrace link. Actually not worth for money compare buying the house in New Zealand. Coz see la how much the cost of house in Malaysia nowadays. 

3. Houses in Malaysia especially in the big city, must have fences, some are high till u can reach the porch roof. All windows and doors has to be grilled. For safety reason, if not your house will be on the target for house break in.. 

Today after work, a friend told me bout the house on sale, next to the house he used to live. He ask me if i want to come with him to view just outside the house coz he still cant managed to contact the owner. Him also looking for house to buy. In his case, he just find house cost around $100k and tell his dad, and dad will pay. Wow besnyer kau.

Here are some of the pictures that I managed to snap:
View from the front.

The long driveway, I was standing in front of the garage while taking this pic.

Spacious backyard and that's the garage on the right. I was standing end of the backyard, but I still have to take another 5 steps backward to reach the backyard fence.
Another driveway pic taken from half way of the drive way, oh my english!
Gate to the garden
One of the decor in the garden.
It's a 4 bedroom house, located 20 minutes away from CBD, and just 10 minutes walk to the beach. NZD$80,000. The house need lots of work to be done, but hey it still consider cheap with the spacious back yard, I can build another big house or sleep out cabin to rent out. 

Oh well, will see. By the way I'm trying to make this entry sounds like English Maori but I'm not good in it so it sounds very 'poyo'. Whoever reading this has heard how Maori speak English, you probably can imagine that. 

Till now, have a good weekend.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Uhuk uhuk

Batuk ni ha,,, berhabuk bersawang bagai. Rasanya dah setahun lebih aku tak berblogging ni. Takpa lah bukan retis ataupun social media celebrity yang nak kena slalu update blog. Klu tak update nanti peminat dahagakan cerita terbaru kononnya. Berblogging hanya suka2 nak share story mory. Nak celoteh pon x leh lama2 malam ni sebabnya by 9.30pm dah nak bam bam masuk tido.

Actually aku kerja 7/7,,, iyer 7 hari seminggu. Hampir selama setahun aku kerja 7 hari seminggu aku cuti 6 hari je. Pastu cuti lama balik raya 4 minggu. 

Weekdays aku kerja di sebuah syarikat perkhidmatan, location next to Christchurch Airport je. Kalau uollss fly ke Christchurch plane akan slow2 lalu belakang depot weolls. Nanti I lambai2 kat uolls. 

Kalau weekend lak I keje kat Golf Resort under company dari Australia. 

So, boleh dikatakan my life is just about solat, rumah, kerja, workout, kucing & tido. I happy cari duit sebab dengan saving tulah I can help others. 

For my first entry this year, I have no idea nak letak picture apa, so I share my bed picture dengan kucing bersepah on my bed & pic masa budak budak bulu ni kecik2 dulu, skang dah besar2 semua...... dengan ucapan good night uolls.