Sunday, February 22, 2015

Another Season For Camping Trip

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I've been delayed to update this post for like 2 weeks after I was back from my camping trip. Again with the same reason. I'm busy. 

I'm glad to have this opportunity to experience the Kiwi outdoor. On the first week of February I went for a 6D5N camping trip to the same place again. Lake Heron!!! Why the same place?? Coz we already paid the camping fees for 1 term. Some more I already knew some regular camper there. 

Lake Heron when the weather was calm.

Lake Heron on a blowing day. Picture taken from my iphone 6. No editing.

Pergi pulak on a weekdays, so memang sunyi sepi campsite. Kami (me & mamat hunter) je lah yg conquer the place. So we took the advantage to have a look at others caravan. Most of them did not lock their caravan/tent. They really trust the people at the campsite. 


Bukan barang2 cikai yang disimpan dalam khemah. I tell you,, they keep their ATV bike, canoe, mountain bike, fishing gear & so on. And most of the stuff kalau dicuri dan dijual can earn up to $5,000. Tapi so far tak ada record kecurian berlaku. Thumbs up to the kiwi. 

Jom buat macam ni kat Malaysia. See how long it will last. Saya pasti rakyat Malaysia sifat jujurnya tinggi.

Camping fees for 1 term is $150. You can park your caravan here from October - March. Winter season everyone has to tow their caravan from the camp site. For daily camper $7.50 per night.... bukan per person. Kau orang tak perlu nak cari kaunter pembayaran to pay your camping fees. Ada honesty box, seperti dalam gambar di bawah. So far tak pernah lagi dengar orang pecahkan honesty box tu. And also tak ada orang akan cek and go from one caravan/tent asking have u paid? have u paid? Memang tak ada yerr. Kalau tak ada small change, memang tak dapat baki balik.

Another information to add is this camping site is under Department of Conservation (DOC). DOC campsite fees memang murah but the location is off road and memang tak ada tourist. If you want to experience the real Kiwi camping, come to DOC campsite. Sometimes you boleh tengok the farmers & Sheppard  bawak stock sheeps and cows. Kiwi rush hour they call it here. 

During the day pula most of the campers busy pergi fishing dengan sampan masing2, Bagi yang tak ada sampan dengan 4WD jelah driving along the lake to get the best spot for fishing.

The malam avtivity ada yang pergi hunting possum, hare, deer, dan wild boar. I pernah ikut sekali je tapi sebab I ni tak boleh tengok binatang ditembak terus balik menanigs. Poyokan.

Kalau di Holiday campsite you don't experience the wild site of KIWI outdoor. Holiday campsite is just for typical tourist. Memang banyak tourist park their caravan there. Bowwwringgg.

The rest of my post about camping will be continue coz I have another thing to catch up later. Haa diva camping yang sangat bz. 

To be continued....

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